Women’s Wristlets- A Beauty Add-on

Women's WristletsWomen are participating in today’s’ business life in equal proportion to men. They are there at every key post in all the professions of life. Their needs are changed significantly. Now they don’t need to carry many things with themselves and whatever they carry, they want it to be in fashionable manner. So for this purpose use of women’s wristlets started. It’s a small rectangular purse in which women carry small items of their use e.g. small makeup kit, lipstick, lip glow, compact mirror, ATM cards, passport, driving license etc. Women wear it on their wrist through a small strip this is why it is called wristlet.

Women's WristletsWristlets are generally larger than a wallet but smaller than hand bags. They largely differ in sizes but most of the time you will see a size approximately 4 inches wide and 7 inches long. A zip on all the 7 inch length of wristlet makes it a safe thing to carry your needy items. It also contains a strip or you can say it a loop through which carrier hook the wristlet over her wrist.

Women’s wristlet or Handbag

Women's WristletsThere are several benefits of using women’s wristlets over hand bags or wallets. You can put your small important items in it and carry it with you. Even if you are carrying a handbag, you can put these small items in your wristlet and put it in your handbag. In this way you would be able to search your important items quickly from your handbag which otherwise are more likely to be lost due to large size of handbag.

If you are confused now which bag to purchase, a small wristlet or handbag, you can take help from the small comparison below;

  • Wristlets are easy to use as they have wrist cuffs which are not a normal feature of handbags.
  • Due to small size, wristlets are treated more fashionable than normal handbags.
  • They are easy to carry so working women like them as they have to travel in buses or trains. You can also use them when going to a dance club where big hand bag will be a burden for you.
  • Wristlets are less prone to be snatched than its rival i.e. handbag.
  • Wristlets are normally made of cotton, which means they are very easy to clean.

Where to buy Women’s Wristlets

Women's WristletsDifferent retailers sell wristlets in different colors, sizes and brands. These are available from as low as $10 to hundreds of dollars. Handmade wristlets are also becoming more and more famous. But, at the same time, do not get ditched by copy products. Go for branded ones only. You can make it at your own house but wristlets made by professioncal manufacturers are fabricated in an out class way. They are obviously a little expensive than normal ones. You can purchase them from different retailers, brand outlets or through websites. For this purpose you can go to the website of your favorite brand or through other websites like http://etrendzshop.com/ and this is the same I use to visit for my shopping. Some famous brands of women’s wristlets are Coach, Fossil, Vera Bradley, Juicy Couture and Dooney & Buorke

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