Utility of Polo Shirt by Ralph Lauren

Men's Polo By Ralph Lauren Short Sleeve Polo Shirt Red/Aqua/Multicolored Stripes Size MediumPolo shirts are also known with the name of tennis shirts, golf shirts and sports shirt. These are very comfortable and flexible to wear. They are made of knitted cotton which makes it very soft to wear. In 19th century, tennis players had to wear white shirts with long sleeves. Players had to roll up the sleeves so that they can play with ease. These shirts were not comfortable to wear which became the reason of evolution of polo shirt.

Polo Ralph Lauren polo shirt in Navy Blue, Red PonyLacoste, who was seven times Grand Slam champion felt this pain and designed a white, short sleeved and loose t-shirt which was manufactured with the cotton stuff. It had a longer backside than the front side. It was also known as “tennis tail”. Lacoste wore this shirt first time in 1926. Polo is also perceived from the idea of Lacoste’s designed shirt.

In 1972, polo shirt was first time introduced in the market and since than it is enjoying the continuous success. I remember my days of business studies, we were taught that there are four cycles in the life of every product i.e. introduction, growth, maturity and decline. We were also told that some products enjoy the growth phase or maturity phase for several years. Sometimes it can be several hundred years. I personally did not believe it. How can a product enjoy the maturity phase for such long period? My mind got the answer when I studied the history of Polo by Ralph Lauren.

Polo by Ralph Lauren Infant Boys Polo Shirt Available in Several SizesPolo shirts by Ralph Lauren mitigated many of the problems witnessed in the previous years. The players had to face the problem of rolling up the sleeves every time. This problem was solved with the introduction of Polo Shirt. Polo shirts have small and cuffed sleeves which solves out the problem of rolling it up. Body temperature of the sportsmen increases enormously while playing games. The polo shirt has a soft collar which can be loosened by unbuttoning it. Loose collar facilitates your body decrease its temperature to the normal level.

Men's Polo By Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt Short Sleeved Pink, Blue & White Striped w/ Green PonyPolo shirt has the longer back than the front side. However if you look at the sportsmen wearing this shirt while playing, you won’t feel that. Most of the time sportsmen have to bend on their back which lifts up the back side of the shirt above hips. As the polo shirt has the longer back side, the back side is not lifted up.

Men's Polo By Ralph Lauren Big and Tall Short Sleeve Polo Shirt Black with White Stripes Size 2XBPolo shirt is not only the sports shirt. It is available in different sharp colors as well which allow you to wear it with jeans in your daily routine. The collar is designed in a way that you can upturn it to avoid sun light. Some youngsters upturn their collar to give style to their suiting. You can wear this comfortable and graceful shirt in your informal gathering or in general routine. The polo shirts by Ralph Lauren which are designed to be worn with jeans don’t contain the feature of long back. All that Polo stuff by Ralph Lauren is available at http://etrendzshop.com/ where wide range of other designer brands is also available to choose from!

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