Types of Baby Clothing for Summers

Infant's Boy's Guess Short Sleeve Baby Romper with Bonnet Light Blue Size 0-3 MonthsRalph Lauren Polo Infant Boy's Short Sleeve Colorblock Baby Romper Navy/Multi, 3 MonthsWhether it is hot or cold, hungry or afraid a baby cannot say what he or she feels. Dressing a baby appropriately to suit the weather therefore is very important. You don’t want it to feel uncomfortable, irritable and sad. Summer; the warmest time of the year is a difficult time for your little one to be dressed because it can over heat quickly, this might lead to developing a heat rash or heat stroke. Let’s take a look at the types of baby clothing for summers.

Types of baby clothing for summers: Handy hints

The clothing you dress your baby in should allow its skin to breathe. The clothes should be light weight and loose fitting. Make sure to choose light colors as dark colors will absorb the heat and make it feel warmer. Short and three quarter sleeves and singlet’s are the best option for the summer. The type of fabric is important. You should choose cotton fabric over nylon, polyester and other synthetic fabric. Leaving your baby to play around in its diaper or nappy is perfectly fine during summer months. It is ok to wrap your baby up for sleep when it is hot, most babies like this. Strap it down to its nappy and wrap it in a light wrap made of cotton or muslin, leave its head and hands uncovered because these are the spots by which a baby eliminates sweat.

Infant's Ralph Lauren Polo Long Sleeve Baby Romper Navy with Pink Green and White Stripes Size 9 MonthsThe types of baby clothes for summers: What to dress them in

  • Grow suits or jump suits: Allows a baby to move freely and is the most comfortable piece of clothing for a baby. Can be used for both night and day.
  • Bodysuits also known as onesies or snapsuits: These do up under the crotch to keep the diaper in place and are quite comfortable. These are available as side snap shirts as well with a side opening.
  • Singlet’s: Practical and keeps a baby cool and comfortable. Just like these keep an adult comfortable and cool.
  • Bag sleepers: Much like night gowns but can be closed at the bottom to give a bag like appearance. This prevents the use of a separate cover and leaves a baby comfortable when sleeping.
  • Hats: Have a sun hat handy to keep the sun off the face.
  • Slip on pants: Easy for changing and is a good option when taking a baby out.
  • Coveralls or overalls: Very much like body suits, these cover up the whole of the baby’s body and are comfortable.
  • Rompers: Loose fitting like a coverall but with shorter legs.

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