Three Famous Jerry Garcia Neckties

Men's J. Jerry Garcia Neck Tie Necktie Watercolor Collection Artist Proof No. 6 Butterfly Study XL EXTRA LONGJerry Garcia neckties are entirely different from other brands of neckties in many ways. Especially they are known for the uniqueness of designs they produce. This is a small but perhaps most profitable company in terms of margins is concerned in the necktie industry. They charge higher prices and people are willing to pay them because of their unique designs.

Here we shall discuss a little about the true story behind the designs of Jerry Garcia Neckties which is the cause if its success. Jerry Garcia was a fine arts student and was very passionate about his paintings. He painted many things in his student life and afterward just for the sake of his passion. Than he got the idea of converting these painting into the fabric of neckties. This is how the designs of these neckties were produced. Now all the designs are true creations of this legendary artist.

Designer’s function in the company is just limited to selecting appropriate colors and fabric for the designs. Senior designers have also been given the autonomy to alter a design a little bit before transforming it into neckties. However this is done in the way that soul of the design remains the same. They claim that there are hundreds of designs in the market but I could find around fifty. Three most famous designs of Jerry Garcia Neckties are following;

  1. Men's J. Jerry Garcia Neck Tie Limited Edition Collection Forty-three Dawn At the Ritz Carlton 100% SilkMost famous design is called Dawn at the Ritz. This name was specifically given by the legendary artist to this design. It looks like bricks stacked vertically. Actually the reason behind the familiarity of Dawn at the Ritz is not these bricks but the shadow behind it. This is really a high class creation. In fact if you remove the shadow behind these bricks, you get nothing out of the design. Whenever you buy a necktie, you don’t look at the fabric, color and design in isolation. What you look at is the overall feel of the necktie and overall feel of this design is awesome. This tie is more famous in professionals and business class people.
  2. Men's J. Jerry Garcia Neck Tie Necktie Super Rare Collection Forty-Four LustDesign which comes at second number is called Lust. The design and color combination of the necktie is truly depicts its name. Lust has the mixture of three colors in it. Main design is comprised of two colors black and red and the third color is grey. Grey color is used to give the color of shadow. Small red heart at the bottom of the design enhances its beauty. Heart is not too large that you cannot wear it in formal meetings. Overall, it gives a good feeling. This tie is more often worn in the informal gatherings.
  3. Third famous Jerry Garcia Necktie is Who goes there. In this necktie there is a small skeleton, which is hanging within the design. Skeleton is not very obvious in its design but if you look into it deeply, you will get it. This Jerry Garcia necktie is more often used by the adventurous people.

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