The Story Behind Jerry Garcia Neckties

Jerry Garcia, formerly lead singer of the Grateful Dead, has some amazing talent and artistic ability in his collection of neckties. Jerry attended the prestigious San Francisco Art Institute before he joined the band where he crafted his skills and techniques in painting. Those paintings are where he got his original and unique necktie ideas and designs and then transferred them to material, resulting in Jerry Garcia neckties.
Jerry Garcia 43 purple treeJerry Garcia 45 taking a rideJerry Garcia moon mountain
Jerry’s designs amount to around 100 varieties, styles and colors and are a perfect salute to the impeccable expression and visual sense he had. He used bursting and vibrant colors which are appropriate for both formal and work activities. If you own a Jerry Garcia necktie, it is as if you own an original painting.
Jerry Garcia rare lunchJerry Garcia carousel xlngJerry Garcia curves and lines
Jerry Garcia designer neckties are documented and numbered with the collection it came from, as each one has its own identity. They are made from the best 100% silk with colors that will not fade or run. They are also handmade with the highest of quality representing a masterpiece.

Jerry created his neckties to be affordable for everyone to enjoy, and those that wear his designer neckties are making a statement of individuality, presence and power.

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