The Real Ed Hardy Jeans

Men's Ed Hardy Jeans Rdmbl Rdhead Skull Paint Pant Jeans Available in Several SizesMen's Ed Hardy Shorts Denim Yellow Sword SkullEd Hardy jeans is among the clothing line of the famous French designer Christian Audigier when he got the licensed rights to produce the clothing line of Ed Hardy which designs is from Don Ed Hardy, a famous American artist well known and regarded for his tattoo works.  The licensed right was awarded to Christian Audigier in the year 2000 to produce clothing line with the tattoo art of Don Ed Hardy.  Since then, Ed Hardy stores have opened in key cities in the United States specifically in high fashion districts such as in New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Honolulu.  Stores even opened in other parts of the world such as in Dubai, Vancouver, Kuwait, Qatar, Kuala Lumpur, Delhi, and Bangkok and in Mumbai.

The Man behind Ed Hardy Jeans and other Clothing

Men's Ed Hardy Jeans Jerry Pirate Jack Loose Fit Pant 40x34Don Ed Hardy is an American artist recognized for his tattoo imagery.  He was born in California in the year 1945 and attended school of Fine Arts in San Francisco Art Institute with a degree in printmaking.  His American manner of work was incorporated with a Japanese technique in creating tattoo.  He learned of it from a Japanese tattoo master named Hirohide while studying in Sailor Jerry Collins in 1973.

Spotting the Authentic Ed Hardy Jeans

Men's Ed Hardy Jeans Size 36x32 Hoffman Sig Skull Msn DenimEd Hardy jeans including its other clothing line are being worn almost by every teenager and teen celebrities.  The designs have become so famous that it caused high demand beside its expensive price.  People, mostly youngsters have loved the designs that each would certainly have a pair in their closets.

High demands on Ed Hardy jeans have drawn other clothing manufacturer to replicate it that the replicas have made it seem too real to distinguish it from the authentic ones.  Learning the difference between the authentic and fake Ed Hardy can help buyers to avoid wasting their money from purchasing replicated designs other than the authentic after saving and spending so much for the fashion brand.

Men's Ed Hardy Jeans Jenny Pacino BSC Many Sizes AvailableTips on identifying authentic Ed Hardy Jeans

  • It is essential to purchase the jeans from authorized dealers such as department stores and boutiques.
  • The logo of Ed Hardy is evenly stitched and spaced located on above the marked jeans size
  • Directly below the waist and length size is marked “Designed in L.A.”
  • Bulldog logo should be directly on the tag

SO, when it is time to go for Ed Hardy jeans as well as other Ed Hardy stuff like caps, trunks, shirts, etc, you need to visit a trustworthy online store like that delivers quality original stuff.

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