The Real Ed Hardy Cap

Men's Ed Hardy Hat Cap Skull Death or GloryMen's Ed Hardy Hat Ball Cap Platinum Love Kills Slowly Embellished with Stones BlackEd Hardy caps are real hot items for every man and even to some women.  But what really makes Ed Hardy caps top seller is not only the designer’s name but also because of the pattern based on the artworks of the famous American artist Ed Hardy himself and also well known for his tattoo works.

Men's Ed Hardy Hat Baseball Cap Love Bird TurquoiseCap is an essential head gear during the hot summer or when going out in the sun.  It is a head gear meant to protect one from the heat while protecting as well the eyes from the glare of the sun with its visor.  Caps actually come in various sizes and shapes and each are named according to their purpose and origin.  Caps are not only essential but are also a fashion statement to some men and boys alike and some women are now into wearing a cap when enjoying the sun.

Men's Ed Hardy Hat Baseball Cap Golden Rose RedEd Hardy cap is one sought after by many and even some celebrities can be seen wearing it.  The demand for Ed Hardy cap has resulted to phony replicas of the real Ed Hardy cap.  No one can differentiate between authentic and fake without going to the details before buying.

The following are telltale sign of an authentic Ed Hardy cap:

  • Real Ed Hardy cap has a serial number and not just a hologram
  • Countermeasure can also be found in the cap and not the hologram alone
  • Skull and crossbones is the authentic symbol of Ed Hardy in the sticker and not just any other pattern that can be found on phony items such as that designed with a tiger
  • The sticker attached should be exactly 1.5 inches in size no more no less
  • The material of cap is not a canvass but rather a bit rougher material
  • A second stitch can be found running on top of the bill
  • The adjustable plastic band of real Ed Hardy is not thin and delicate while embedded  with elevated letter of website of Ed Hardy
  • The button on top of the cap is intricately designed
  • Embroidery should not have an elongated loop in the lettering of “Ed Hardy”
  • Front panel of real Ed Hardy cap does not sag
  • Lastly, authentic Ed Hardy cap does not sell for much cheaper price

Men's Ed Hardy Hat Baseball Cap Born Free WhiteIf buying online, visit to get authentic Ed Hardy cap ensuring that you can show what you really want!

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