Tattoo Your Fashion Style! Artistic & Creative Apparel Designed Exclusively By Tattoo Master, Ed Hardy!

Perhaps you want a tattoo, you might even have one already or maybe you just appreciate the creativity of tattoo art!  No question about it, tattoos make a statement to everyone around you!  Within the world of tattoos, the name Ed Hardy stands alone as a tattoo master!  Now his creative artwork is available to you, except this “tattoo” can be seen by everyone because its part of a trendy line of mens and womens apparel!

Ed Hardy has created an exclusive line of apparel which features creative tattoo-inspired designs!  Every item is an eye catcher and shows the world that you have your own artistic and unique style!  Just like a tattoo, but without the commitment! 

Here are just a few items from the large selection of Ed Hardy apparel that eTrendzShop has to offer!   

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A Southern California native born in 1945, Hardy revived a childhood determination to become a tattoo artist and underwent a tattoo apprenticeship while simultaneously receiving a B.F.A. degree in printmaking at the San Francisco Art Institute in 1967. Tattooing professionally since then, he developed the fine art potential of the medium with emphasis on its Asian heritage. In 1973 he lived in Japan, studying with a traditional tattoo master – the first non-Asian to gain access to that world. He resumed these studies in Japan throughout the 1980s. Since 1974 he pioneered the emphasis on unique tattoo commissions at his San Francisco studio.

In addition to showing his own works, Hardy has curated a number of exhibitions for both galleries and nonprofit spaces and frequently lectures at museums and universities. His work has appeared in numerous periodicals, books, and films internationally.

Ed Hardy

Life, Art and Philosphy – Artist’s Statement

I took up the practice out of a combination of economic necessity and artistic curiosity. It was an option that would give me both a challenge and an opportunity to be an independent agent and develop its potential as an expressive medium. At the same time, it’s “outsider” status was hugely compelling. Tattooing in the 1960’s was the most formally undeveloped and socially provocative medium I could think of, relegated in the public perception to the underworld of sailors, bikers and criminals. It seemed absurd to me that the tools of tattooing, the pigments, machines and the designs made with them were being used in such a limited fashion. Far-flung sociological and philosophical speculation aside, tattooing is a commercial art in contemporary Western society. I wanted to become successful at the business itself and simultaneously grow as an artist. Happily, these two forced went hand in hand. With the trust and encouragement of many others in the field, as well as legions of clients bringing me their concepts and skins, it has been an amazing and fulfilling journey.

There is no pat answer to the questions “What do people get tattooed?” any more than asking “Why do people make art?”. It’s primal and offers unlimited potential discourse. At its base, as with all other arts are play, irrationality and mystery. In a well-known statement, Picasso said that “the goal is not to find, but to seek”. By developing hand/eye coordination and learning to trust our intuition, we can aim at a state of transmission and transcendence which gives physical form to subtle forces and have some fun along the way. Regardless of the medium, the works left behind are clues to the invisible man or woman.

Source: Hardy Marks Publications 


Check out all of the uniquely artistic Ed Hardy mens and womens apparel that eTrendzShop has to offer!

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