Some of the Coolest Types of Denim Jeans

Men's Rock & Republic Rebellion Bootcut Denim Blue JeansJeans are very popular equally among men and women throughout the world. Denim is the fabric used in the manufacturing of jeans. This fabric has a unique traditional class. Several materials have been used for introduction of jeans after denim, but the denim is something which is alternatively called jeans fabric. There are different types of denim jeans which are described below;

Dry Denim Jeans

Men's Xtreme Couture Distressed Cobalt Wash Denim JeansDry denim is the denim fabric which is not washed. Its color tends to fade up with its use. Thus it gives a new look every time you wear it. The fading feature of dry denim is often desirable as it fades up from the area of thighs, on the ankles and behind the knees. Two different colors, one is faded up and the other is normal in the jeans give it a stylish look.  The faded up color of the jeans appears in around six month. Some people wash the dry denim jeans to get the faded color before time but it is not recommended. People should keep in mind that this is the material which is not made for washing.

Selvage Denim Jeans

Boy's FUBU Denim Jeans Shorts Size 18Men's Kani Shorts Blue Denim Distressed Size 52This is a type of jeans which contains edges every where it is stitched. Edges give your jeans a solid look. It shows that the stitching is made at a very high level. Selvage edge means the edge which comes from the roll of fabric. You may have seen that at the bottom of the jeans, the fabric is doubled and than stitched, this is the selvage edge. If this edge is created in all the stitching of the jeans made of denim material, it is called selvage denim jeans. Selvage denim jeans are comparatively more expensive to other denim jeans because of its high class stitching and its durability.

This is the most widely sold jeans all over the world. It became familiar in the 1950s and is enjoying the fame till now. Earlier selvage denim jeans were stitched by hand but now it is also stitched with machine using automated systems.

Stretched Denim Jeans

Stretched denim jeans were introduced just a decade a go and it became so famous that the sale of dry and selvage jeans was dried up significantly. But as this material got older, craze of people towards its purchase was also reduced. Now this material compete other materials. In these denim jeans, an elastic component is used in a small proportion to give it stretchiness. Approximately 3% mixing of elastic component gives the stretchiness of around 15%.

Colored Denim Jeans

Men's Ed Hardy Denim Shorts RDMLB Pocket Eagle Raw DenimTraditionally the jeans were of just blue color. The blue color jeans are widely used all around the world but now you can purchase the denim jeans in other colors as well. With the increased and new technology, denim jeans material can be dyed into several colors like black, green and grey. Colored denim jeans are more famous in girls as they love to wear soft colors like pink and light purple. Whatever your choice as to the denim jeans selection is, you’re bound to get quality stuff from one of the best online stores that is A sneak peak is must-have!

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