Some Cool Denim Jeans

The most traditional and beautiful fabric of the jeans which is also known as “jeans fabric” is called denim. Denim Jeans are beautiful, graceful, and stylish and contain everything you need in jeans. When you purchase the jeans, you consider many factors e.g. its stretchiness, grace, comfort and its stitching. Denim jeans are very comfortable to wear and normally have very good stitching. This is a bit expensive material so whoever manufactures it, take care of its stitching as well. There are several types of denim jeans which are described below;

Dry Denim Jeans

Men's Polo by Ralph Lauren Slim Strait 018 Denim Blue Jeans Size 40W x 34LDry denim jeans were introduced only some years ago. These jeans are non washable. If you will wash it, it will be damaged. It has a unique feature of fading up the colors. As you wear it, its colors starts getting fader and every time it gives a new look. The areas from where the jeans color is faded up are the front side of thighs, ankles and back side of knees. Youngsters really love it because this faded up area gives a very stylish look. However, its non washable feature is a back draw of these jeans. Once its gets dirtier, you cannot do anything but to replace it.

People wash this jeans when it gets dirtier, but when it is washed up, its actual faded color is appeared. So you cannot enjoy the gradual fading feature of these jeans once washed.

Selvage Denim Jeans

Boy's FUBU Denim Jeans Size 14When any area of the jeans is doubled with fabric and stitched in the same condition, it is called selvage. Jeans made of denim material with selvages on all the stitching is called selvage denim jeans. These jeans look very beautiful due its stitching style. This is normally made of hard denim fabric. Due to special type of stitching it is also more expensive to other denim jeans.

Stretched Denim Jeans

Women's Ralph Lauren Polo Jeans Co. Capri Jeans Blue Distressed DenimDenim jeans which contain the element of stretchiness are called stretched denim jeans. The element of stretchiness in the hard jeans stuff is not very old invention. First time we saw these types of denim jeans in the market in millennium year. After this year, the next two or three years of jeans industry really belonged to this stretched material. Everyone was seen to be wearing stretched denim jeans as it was more comfortable. But gradually people realized that it is not that durable as original denim stuff, so people moved towards normal jeans again. Now, these jeans are also available in the market and compete with other fabrics.

Colored Denim Jeans

Men's Ed Hardy Denim Shorts RDMLB Pocket Eagle Raw DenimColored denim jeans are also a new invention if we compare it with the history of jeans. Traditionally jeans were only of blue and in fact dark blue color. But with the introduction of colored jeans now you can enjoy the liberty of wearing denim jeans in several colors. The mostly used color of colored denim jeans is the black color. Blue color is not said to be the colored denim jeans. Colored denim jeans are more famous among male and female youngsters.

Whatever your choice is, you may collect every choice from making it sure you come up with the best quality and genuine stuff.

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