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Women's Guess Wristlet Proposal Stone Signature LogoSteve Madden Wristlet BlackThere is a very famous saying that necessity is the mother of Invention and when it comes to modern women needing a fashionable way of carrying small items, that invention is called wristlet. Whether you are wearing one on the wrist or carrying it on a larger bag, it is a very suitable way to slim down a purse for a night out of the town or to keep change in your bag.

Nine West Wristlet PepperSo what exactly is a wristlet? It is a rectangular small purse, which normally comes in larger size than a wallet but smaller than your standard size handbag. Wristlets vary in size according to the manufacturer and style but most of them come between 4 inches to 7 inches long. Wristlets contain a zipper similar to the length of the purse and a skinny long loop at the other end. It has given the “wristlet” because the carrier uses the loop to clasp it over the wrist.

Calvin Klein Wristlet Signature Logo Print Brown/Khaki/RedThere are many benefits of using a wristlet other than that of an ordinary size purse. You can use it to sort out fragile, small or often used items such as lipstick, lip gloss, a compact mirror or any other beauty products that could get lost in a larger purse. You can also keep your driving license, loose change, credit cards and other important things. Wristlets can easily replace a standard size purse. Women normally use it when they are going out to bars and dance clubs and especially when they are on a date. Using it also keeps your hands free as it is carried by your wrist so you don’t have to worry about carrying it in crowded place which is not likely to happen with larger handbag.

Nine West Wristlet BlackWomen’s fashion wristlets are available in many different size, colors and styles. You can also choose designer fabric wristlet with beautiful patterns and colors. However you won’t get an extensive variety of options when you shop in a convenient store. With online shops, you can browse hundreds of different styles with just a click. These small purses look very cute and they are extremely popular not only among the middle aged women but also with teenage girls. As for the price, they are not as expensive as larger bags that can cost easily over $100. You can easily obtain them at $25 to 100 dollars at any shop depending on your taste and preference.

Women's Coach Gallery Signature Medium Wristlet Khaki/NavyThere are several websites that provide designer handbags and women’s fashion wristlets, however not every one of them are as good as They are very dependable and offer all kinds of wristlets in an extensive range of designs and patterns. You can read reviews of different products on their websites, which makes It easier for you to decide whether the product is reliable or not. You can also sort out your search according to the types and brands you like the most. With the help of, you are certain to come across the most appropriate wristlet without going anywhere outside.

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