Ralph Lauren – The Market Leader

Women's Lauren Ralph Lauren Purse Handbag Tote Harbor Island Large Beach BagI remember the marketing classes of my MBA when I was told about different business strategies. “Today’s business world is too dynamic. Product time cycles have been shortened significantly and now the products are demanded for a short period of time. Market demands change at brisk rate.” Now I realize that market demand of fashion industry, especially changes at a very fast rate. In this tough competition, one has to be really quick to adapt to fashion needs. The people who follow the market trends quickly are called market followers but the people who set the trends to change are called trend setters, these are the market leaders. No doubt, Ralph Lauren Products are market leaders in their individual capacity.

Men's Polo Ralph Lauren Trifold Wallet Available in Black, Brown or CognacRalph Lauren products are beautiful, comfortable, soft and treat to wear, if you talk about clothing. It also deals with furniture, lighting, wall covering, floor covering and bedding. The highly sophisticated designs of every product have made it possible for it to sustain its dominance from last 50 years in the fashion circles. These products are fashion icon in the fashionable societies and circles of the world. These products are very expensive to buy so only high class of society can afford it. Normally the outfits are available readymade but you can contact Ralph Lauren to stitch according to your own style and choice. If you order a shirt of your own size, you can enjoy the luxury of modifying, merge and redesign the different designs into one.

Men's Polo by Ralph Lauren Big and Tall Short Sleeve Polo Shirt Pink with Blue PonyRalph Lauren actually started the business as manufacturer of neckties but soon it realized that it is not its market. So it changed its business to manufacturing of shirts and then further diversified it by adding business as mentioned above. The sophistication of Ralph Lauren products is equally famous in men and women.

Men's Polo by Ralph Lauren Swimming Trunks Bathing Suit Big & Tall Available in Several SizesIf you talk about furniture, they offer sofas, beds, chaises, tables, desks, beds, windows, dining tables and dining chairs. In lighting, they offer floor lamps, table lamps, ceiling fixtures, wall lamps and hurricanes. Most of the time of today’s managers is spent in the developing strategies to retain the customers. But Ralph Lauren enjoys this god gifted attribute of having strong loyalty of customers. It seems it has some magnet with its products; one who buys the products comes back again and again.

Although it has diversified products but all the products focus on same class of individuals. It means that they have only one target audience, which is elite class people who love sophisticated products. So if they come to the store to buy Ralph Lauren shirt because of its sophistication, soon they will start buying its furniture and lighting material as well.

Men's Polo Ralph Lauren Passcase Wallet BrownYou can buy the products from a variety of sources like supermarkets and outlets. But I would suggest you to but Ralph Lauren products from a reputable online shopping website which has complete variety of products, like http://etrendzshop.com/. You will find these products a bit cheaper than the market rate on the website.

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