Occasions for Wearing a Necktie

Choosing the right occasion to wear a necktie can be a bit confusing at times. When should you wear a necktie?

Men’s fashion trends are constantly changing, so here are some tips for knowing when to wear a necktie.

1. Mementos Occasion
Wear a necktie in honor of a huge celebration. Occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, weddings or baptisms are big and important necktie affairs. A family party honoring someone for a big accomplishment or something similar shows your respect by wearing a necktie. Any time something is presented on a grand and huge scale, a necktie is appropriate. Not only do you show your respect and honor towards that individual, but you also pay respect to the host or hostesses and all their trouble for putting together such a big celebration.
Donald Trump blue silverDonald Trump red blend
2. Business
Look professional when you go to purchase a new car, applying for a bank loan, attorney meeting or job interview. Wearing a necktie shows you are a business-minded person that takes your work or business affairs very seriously. Plus…you look sharp!
Jerry Garcia ButterflyJerry Garcia Rare Edition
3. Date
Getting ready to propose? Or, just want to show your significant other a romantic, night on the town? You may be considering an evening at the opera or theatre, a great time to show off some of those cool neckties. Surprise your gal by showing up in an awesome necktie. It will blow her away!

4. Funeral
I know, it is a very sad situation but does need to be mentioned. What better way to pay your respects than wearing a necktie? Wear dark colored neckties to show your condolences, sympathy and respect.

Before you step out for that all important dinner party or going to meet someone new, add a cool necktie to show off your savvy, sexy and trendy fashion-sense. You will certainly be remembered in a positive and attractive way. Women love a man in a necktie!

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