Many Wallets for Men

Men's Tommy Hilfiger Wallet Passcase Brown w/ LogoMen's Polo Ralph Lauren Passcase Wallet BrownThere are many types of wallets for men.  Wallet is basically used for carrying cash, credit card, some identification documents, business cards, photographs and many other useful documents. Wallets for men are typically made up of leather and other types of fabrics. They have pocket size and are easy to fold. Wallet is also known as billfold. The word “wallet” is used since fourteen century. It was usually referred to a bag used for carrying articles. The word “wallet” as been derives from German language. In today’s world is it is used as a box for carrying paper currency. Today’s meaning of wallet has been used since nineteenth century.

Men's Polo Ralph Lauren Multi Credit Card Wallet with Magnetic Clip BrownIn present days wallets for men are used for carrying currency. Currency may be coins or of paper. Men also put their credit cards and other useful identification documents such as license, club card, and identification card in it. In present days pocket size wallets are very popular among men. Wallets are of many styles and shapes. Depending on the brand of wallet, it may vary. Some of the most popular types of wallets are Breast wallet, Bi-fold wallet, Tri-fold wallet, front pocket wallet, long wallet, wrist wallet, travel wallet, shoe wallet, digital wallet and many more.Men's Tommy Hilfiger Wallet Passcase Brown

Breast wallet

This is most common type of wallet. In this wallet the bank notes are usually not folded. They are made up for men’s jacket breast pocket. They can also be placed in a hand bag. Breast wallets are used for holding documents which are too large for pockets.

Bi-fold wallet

This is the basic wallet for men. It is type of wallet in which bank notes are folded one time. This is also known as standard wallet and is used by every man. Identification cards and credit cards can also be placed in it.

Tri-fold wallet

This is a type of wallet which has two folds. Credit cards are placed vertically in this type of wallet.

Front pocket wallet

Front pocket wallet has few places for cards. Bank notes are folded in it and held by a metal clip.

Long wallet

It is a larger wallet. It has a coin purse. Bills can also be placed in it. Most of the people on Motorcycle use long wallet for convenience. Long wallet is popular in countries like Japan.

Travel wallet

It is usually used by travelers.  They place their important documents like passport, boarding passes and tickets in it.

Shoe wallet

Shoe wallet is a small wallet attached to a shoe. It is designed for the people who take exercise on daily basis. It is very useful.

Men's Guess by Marciano Wallet BrownNowadays wallet has become a fashion. Many men use it as a fashion icon. Many brands are producing quality and stylish wallets. Brown and black leather wallets are mostly used by men. There are also some differences in wallets depending upon the regions. The size of currency increases the size of wallet increases. Major fact is that wallets for men are very useful as it holds your currency and documents. The whole range of designer wallets ensuring quality and grace are available at, just sneak peek at!

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