Latest Women’s Accessories in Fashion

Women's clothingAccessories are the best friends of any woman because they can glam up any dull outfit and can even be statement pieces on special occasions. Gone are the days when women used to dress up with elaborate neck-pieces with matching earrings- a typical Cleopatra style! With so many fashion shows and upcoming designers out in the open, we ladies do not have to waste time ransacking the shop shelves to know what’s in or what’s out. Media and fashion magazines are enough to serve the daily dose of style trends in vogue.

Choker necklaces are a hit this season and it can be seen adorned by every second lady in a formal function or party. Stylish choker pieces in metal and plastic are the ones that are top hot selling items. However, these pieces are not restricted to evening gowns and maxis only; these can be paired with a dressy top over jeans or formal trousers for a day or night out. Those who love to flaunt their class and taste opt for the gold and silver solid choker pieces. These come with matching cuff to be worn on the wrists. Plunging neckline is one of the top trends I have seen in summer 2011. Nothing can look more complementing than a stylish collar-styled neck-piece to let the cleavage do the talk without coming in its way.

Women's clothingBe it copper, bronze or silver- cuffs have to match the neck-piece. How can I forget to mention Angelina Jolie with her statement green cuff flaunted with super sexy dress? From Elie Saab to Michael Kors, the trend of solid jewellery is here to continue till the cooler months. A good thing about solid metal pieces is that they can be paired with both formal and evening attires to complete the look. It was with the help of these accessories only that I made heads turn on the beach this summer by pairing my floral and striped bikinis with them.  These pieces are a hit at the pool parties where people love to loiter around the poolside in swimwear. You got to look dressy when you are not hitting the pool but are sitting around for some healthy flirting.

It was the talk of the sling and clutch bags that was doing the rounds from Emma Watson to Anne Hathaway but now the trend of belt purse has emerged as a sunrise. A belt purse has drawn inspiration from tourist pouches that are hanged comfortably to keep some loose cash and camera handy. The wow factor is that you can have a belt purse to match with your new designer dress. It comes with detachable and interchangeable straps designed by top labels- Hermes, Emilio Pucci.

The latest fashion fad that I am into this season is cat- eye sunglasses. It is sexy and brings back the retro look of the 50s and 60s. With broad rims extending towards the outer corner of the eyes, anyone can give killer looks even when the eyes are hidden behind the dark glasses. Prada is the leader when it comes to women accessories. Check out latest accessories at and enjoy getting your own stuff.

Women's clothing

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