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Kathy Van Zeeland Hand bagsBags and shoes are something without which women cannot imagine their living and so am I! Chanel, Dior, Prada, Hermes- to name a few are top international brands with unparalleled styles in bags. Kathy Van Zeeland seems to have soared to a new height with some amazing collection of trendy bags and totes that are different and eye catching. KVZ always manages to come up with something new that no one has ever attempted. Yes, that’s why she is one of my favorites because I like to carry myself different from the rest.

Kathy Van Zeeland Hand bagsKathy Van Zeeland Hand bags
My very first KVZ bag was ordered online as I stumbled upon a good site selling these at good discount. A number of bags to choose from I was awestruck to see a chic tote in subtle color with animal print double belts to match with. Though this tote is no different in shape yet it caught my attention because of the subtle design with slim belts that make a strong statement.

Kathy Van Zeeland Hand bagsWith the PETA coming into action, I thought it would be safe to go for animal prints rather than animal skin! Kathy has some amazing stuff done in handbags to bring out the fiery side of women and take the world by their side. I can take it along for a day out at the malls or even for dinner with friends or colleagues. Whether it is in cork or white with zebra print belts, it makes a perfect accessory for a late Sunday brunch.

Kathy Van Zeeland Hand bagsHobo bags are something in which KVZ is expert. Every time a hobo bag by KVZ is out in the market, it flies off the shelves fast and becomes top on the trends chart. They are roomy and functional with phone pockets and inner pockets to make carrying things easy. Kathy is always on with some comfortable numbers that are not only high on the trends but at the same time are super comfortable.

A latest addition in the KVZ handbag collection is the belt bag. Pucci and Hermes have showcased it in the Spring 2011 collection and now it is time for Kathy to come up with a stylish belt bag. This cute little bag in cosmo pink is perfect to drop in all little essentials from gloss to hand sanitizers and facial tissues while going out- doing away with the bulky large totes. Not only this, I love to match this stylish KVZ logo bag with my short dresses. The chic light color goes well with almost all colors and you are surely going to be in the spotlight. One of the top accessory trends, this belt bag has adjustable straps to tie on waist or slightly lower.  My multimedia phone and tiny wallet easily slip in it and I am all ready to step out to any dance party without worrying about matching my moves with bag falling off the shoulder.

I found really good Kathy Van Zeeland products at http://etrendzshop.com/ while browsing through some of the shopping websites.

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