Jerry Garcia: Life in Pictures & Art

Jerry Garcia was the lead singer and guitarist of the one of the highest-grossing bands of all time, the Grateful Dead. The band toured for over 30 years and created its own subculture. Sadly, the music came to an end when Garcia died in 1995, but his music and artwork lives on.

The following pictures, compliments of Rolling Stone, shows Garcia and the Grateful Dead through the years.

Grateful Dead when they started playing as the Warlocks in 1965.

Jerry Garcia in the studio in the 1960's

Garcia performing in the 1960's

Grateful Dead in San Francisco in the late 1060's

Grateful Dead in the late 1960's

Grateful Dead performing April 1, 1972

Jerry Garcia backstage in Copenhagen in April, 1972

The Grateful Dead performing in the 1970s.

Jerry Garcia in the recording studio in the 1970s.

Jerry Garcia, June 1976

Jerry Garcia & The Grateful Dead in the 1970's

Jerry Garcia in hotel room, 1980's

Jerry Garcia in London, March 22, 1981.

Jerry Garcia & The Grateful Dead performing in Carson, California, May 5, 1990.

Jerry Garcia performing in Oakland, California, February 26, 1995.

Garcia studied art at the San Francisco Art Institute, which commenced a second vocation in the visual arts. He proposed for sale and auction to the public a quantity of illustrations, lithographs, and water colors. A few of those compositions turned into the foundation of a line of men’s neckties are defined by brilliant colors and abstract designs. Yet in 2010, fifteen years after Garcia’s death, new styles and designs proceed to be created and distributed. Check out a large selection of Jerry Garcia neckties on

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