It’s My Turn to Share on Women’s Makeup Tips!

Delta Burke Cami 2 Pc. Lingerie Lace Sexy Many Colors Available Plus Size 1x - 3xWhen I was still in my years of innocence, makeup items such as eye shadows and compact powders that belonged to my mother used to be my admiration. Whatever they were, I knew that someday, years from then, those entire makeup stuffs would play a major role in my life – that’s what my mother told me. Fair enough, her saying came true. Now, looking back at those times and seeing the items that I currently have on my dressing table, I guess I have developed an inseparable fondness for makeup. After all, who would want to go out with visible fine lines or paleness on the face?

Anyway, now that I am always on the move, there are times when I have to admit that putting on a makeup can be time demanding. From concealers and foundations to compact powders, eye shadows and you know what else; there are just too many things to apply. Nevertheless, we all know that with right application and technique, the time spent on makeup-ing can be worthwhile. We would also have a higher possibility of dazzling anyone we meet throughout the day.

Well, there are many things that could be prepared beforehand and I always wonder why it doesn’t work the same for our faces. Wouldn’t it be good if we could prepare our face the night before and wake up feeling all geared up to seize the day? There are women who favor going out on bare faces, though. Unfortunately, I am never one of them, and I don’t know if I ever would be. Makeup makes us all look better and it also helps in safeguarding our skin against all sorts of environmental hazards. Proper selection of makeup items can make our skin look healthy and glowing as most of the products come with a wide range of skin care elements to work effectively throughout the day. To prepare myself well before work or any other outing, I have found out some useful ways to speedily get prepared in less than a half hour.

I honestly feel that a heavy foundation would only make one look as though she’s wearing a literal façade, so I always make sure I don’t do that on myself. Foundation is important but I’d go easy with it, applying essential touch-ups only on areas where my skin does not tone evenly. A concealer is important too. When buying one, it’s good to remember that it should be able to give a fair coverage, and that the color matches our skin tone. As for the eyes, I generally feel that black mascara would suit anyone at anytime. Unless you really know how to play with colors, mascara and eyeliners should be worn on safe grounds – black is most appropriate as it’ll help in defining the eyes, avoiding all those sleepy eyes look. When it is matched with a neutral colored eye shadow, it will work wonders to the eyes by giving them a fine glow. As for the lips, I always think that a natural look is the best. So a tip to bear in mind: go for the moisture-rich formula to avoid dry lips at anytime in the day, and always choose a color that matches the inner part of the lips. Natural look always goes a long way.

BCBG Maxazria Lounge Sweat Pants Embellished w/ Rhinestones Available in Several Colors & Sizesdesigner handbagsIn a nutshell, whatever the situation and how time demanding makeup application could be, recognizing which items are most needed to be applied onto our faces is a good way to save time and make us feel great throughout the day. Make sure they are handy in our bags too. As for me, a compact powder, mascara, eyeliner and a lip gloss are a must have thing with me. Don’t forget that an accessory can help complement our make up, so have a few of them ready. Don’t forget to get your outfits and handbags matched with your makeup. From a simple lounge sweat pants by BCBG Maxazria to a Women’s DKNY Purse Handbag, such as the one displayed on, we are sure to be on our way to dazzle everyone we meet!

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