How to Identify an Authentic Kenneth Cole Handbags and wallets

Women's Kenneth Cole Purse Handbag Moma Mia Leather Hobo BlackIt is a fancy to every woman to own a signature handbag much more owning a Kenneth Cole handbag either to complete a collection or just to own a single bag from a known designer.

Handbags are basically part of a woman’s accessories which are meant to carry all the necessary things to bring when going out.  It originally came from a small purse to hold coins until it emerged out to vary not only currency but also all the other things that a woman would especially need when shopping, attending parties or simply anywhere a woman goes.  Handbags evolved from a small purse to hold coins to larger bags for carry all.  Nowadays, handbags come in different sizes and most especially different colors and style until famous designers have also came out with their own designs carrying their famous name for a brand.

Women's Kenneth Cole Reaction Wallet Black Tab Clutch w/ Strap WristletKenneth Cole handbags are among the signature bags that would make every girl go crazy over owning one.  It is a bag from the collection of famous American designer Kenneth Cole.  The bags of Cole are from selection materials of high quality such as leather, patent leather and suede.  The high quality materials and the design from the famous line of Kenneth Cole made handbags from this make an expensive one.  Thus, purchasing and owning a Kenneth Cole handbag is not just grabbing a bag from the stand and simply put it in the cabinet when not in use.  It takes a serious perusal of the bag especially when buying it outside the outlet of Kenneth Cole.  Read on the tips to make sure that the bag is authentic.  Give the bag proper care to keep the quality of the bag even for a long period of time.

Women's Kenneth Cole Reaction Purse Handbag Tote Pinch Time Hobo BlackBefore paying for that Kenneth Cole handbag especially when buying it outside the outlet check on the following to determine the authenticity of the bag:

  • The leather of the bag should feel smooth and supple and not like plastic or hard
  • Bend the leather and see if it crinkles because an authentic one should not crease when bent
  • Authenticity card should be contained in the purchase.  Be sure to ask for the authenticity card before paying
  • An engraved signature should be found on the bottom of the strap
  • Kenneth Cole handbags are definitely expensive and deep discount for the bag in the market is definitely not an authentic purchase

Women's Kenneth Cole Reaction Purse Handbag Zip Drive Satchel Khaki/BrownThere are some stores that are certain to deliver authentic stuff and is certainly one of them where you can stay assured to grab the quality with authenticity!

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