Funky Styles of Ed Hardy Clothing

Men's Ed Hardy Hat Cap True to my Love Green/OrangeMen's Ed Hardy Swim Trunks Board Shorts Surreal Stripes Lime Available in Several SizesA fashion designer who was known for his different ideas founded Ed Hardy in 2004 and we know this man with the name of Chirstian Audigier. He is known as the God Father of tattoos in the United States and all Ed Hardy Clothing reflects his personality. He was the one who brought the idea of printing tattoos on clothing items. He designed the products especially for youngsters and people who want to portray themselves differentiated. Due to the tattoos in the Ed Hardy clothing, many people dislike it as it doesn’t give a good impression on the sober circles of the society. But people who wear it, has nothing to do with these types of circles.

Ed Hardy was founded by the great person but obviously he cannot run it alone. He added many likeminded people in his core team due to which there is no shortcoming of ideas in the Ed Hardy think tank. This is the idea which differentiates the normal brand from the high class brand like Ed Hardy. This is why Ed Hardy is the market leader in this special field of fashion industry. Ed Hardy clothing enjoy a monopolistic type environment as we don’t see any significant name in its competition.

Men's Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier T-Shirt Death or Glory Available in Several SizesEd Hardy Shirts

More than half of the revenue generated by the Ed Hardy clothing comes from its shirts. These shirts contain tattoos of different styles on its front and back. People, who want to give bad impression of them, normally wear it. You don’t need to conduct a research to find such people in the society. In fact they are more in quantity than others. Some five years ago, Ed Hardy clothing used to be skin tight but now it offers loose funky t-shirts. Its products are not limited to just men; women knitted dress suits are also very famous in the feminine portion of the country.

Men's Ed Hardy Jeans Size 36x32 Hoffman Sig Skull Msn DenimEd Hardy Pants

Fashion designing of pants is most complicated stuff to do. This is why you may have noticed that fashion designers don’t offer much variety of pants at their outlets. Reason is that pants don’t offer much margin to designers to exercise their skills but Ed Hardy is exception. Its designers always keep on working on new ideas. Ed Hardy was not the first brand which offered torn up jeans styles to its customers. But people like this type of styles the most of Ed Hardy. It combined the idea of torn up jeans with tattoos on it which is liked by the people very much.

Men's Ed Hardy Hat Baseball Cap True to my Love RoseMen's Ed Hardy Polo Shirt Black Size XLEd hardy clothing items are hot to wear. If you have a beautiful tattooed shirt, nice torn up pant there is only one thing which can complete your funky look and this is Ed Hardy Cap. You can select your favorite cap from wide variety offered by this company.  It is a treat to wear and walk with Ed Hardy clothing. If you have decided to purchase the Ed Hardy clothing or wants to see its collection you can visit

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