Fashion Tips for the Trendy Man

Most men would like to look sharp and trendy and show-off their own style of fashion by looking great and realizing it is an asset in their every day lives. Men may want to consider hiring a fashion consultant if they are fashion challenged, or enlist the help of friends and others with trendy fashion knowledge.
• First off, use some of your favorite pieces from other seasons. A solid collection of basics helps and will add to your trendy and designer pieces.
• Be careful not to have too many accessories. Choose a great watch, shoes or shades to add to your wardrobe and don’t overdo it.
• Don’t look ridiculous by trying too hard to be fashionable that you overdo it and look silly.
• Wear what you are comfortable in and what looks good on you and your body type. Not necessarily what others think is good or fashionable.
• Try not to mimic only what you see on television or in magazines. Use some good judgment and go with what fits nice, looks clean and crisp and portrays the image you are seeking.
• Have a good mixture of trendy designer labels along with basic and functional clothes.
Keep these simple tips in mind when shopping for new clothes and things will begin to fall into place when it comes to your wardrobe.

Ed Hardy jeansTH black beltTH hat with logo green

For help in selecting a few designer pieces, go here and see what is available for your wardrobe:

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