Fashion Tips below Your Waist!

fashion tipsWe always concentrate on the face and neck when it comes to make-up and choose the best top or shirt to match with a monotone pant or skirt. Yes, it is true that a class of a person can be understood by having a look at their bottom wear. This is because a not-so-classy person always tries to pick up the best top wear and cheats with not-so-perfect bottoms and unpolished shoes. I see every gentleman or a woman of substance always high on the clean shoes factor. So, if you too want to look sophisticated and walk in the high society parties with unparalleled confidence how about concentrating below the waist to make a stylish statement?

Stand Ahead of All:

Following latest fashion tips and trends will definitely make you instant hit at parties and social dos. All you have to do is follow the tips and learn them by heart and you are ready to be the star of the moment.

 Jeans are in with Bell Bottoms:

Skinny jeans with which you have stacked your wardrobe are slowly going out of fashion. It is time to get back to the retro look and gear up with flared pants. Bell bottoms are in and they must be tapered well till the thighs. It is also time to update the measurements with your tailor because the bottom wear got to be high waist this time.

How Belt Suits You:

Fashion beltA slim belt in leather brown or black is perfect to adorn your trousers for the formal do. When you are looking forward for a chic and stylish look, team a colorful fitted dressy top or vest with flared wide legged pants. Do not forget to match them with a smart belt if you decide to tuck the top in.

Skirts Love is Back:

Women's Studio 1940 3 Piece Outfit Size 22wpPencil skirts that reach below the knees are my all time favorites. Though they lost their direction somewhere in between and were replaced with shorts and minis I am happy that they are back. These slim fitted skirts with typical slits at the back have now adapted a stylish cut on the side that are often seen adorned by celebrities. Angelina Jolie is the top rated actress that took the world by storm by making a statement with super high slits to flaunt that perfectly toned legs. Increase your workout time and get perfectly toned calves and thighs if you are planning to invest in sexy slit skirts and gowns.

Don’t just Mess up:

Some essential fashion tips that I always want my readers to remember are never to over dress the entire look and mess up everything. If your attire is elaborate, dress down your jewelry and opt for one statement piece. For below the waist accessories, gear up with belts in neutral colors for formal look and bright contrasting colors for casual dresses and denims. Tapered jackets are in vogue this winter. If you are wearing an expensive tweed or camel jacket choose trousers with neat look and matching shades so that the concentration remains on the jacket.

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