Designer Handbags- The Elegant Step

Jessica Simpson Purse Handbag Icon Tote BlackWhat is the difference between designer hand bags and normal handbags? Most of the people will answer; there is no difference as both of them are bags, used in the same manner for same purpose. But I personally think there is a hell of difference. Only that person will agree to this statement, who is fashion lover like me. Like clothes, designer handbags have an important role in the fashion industry.

What differentiate Designer Handbags?

Nine West Purse Handbag Bride BlackDesigner handbags are fashion icon; it has become a status symbol. When a designer manufactures a bag, he considers all the factors in mind. This is why quality of these bags is much better than ordinary handbags. These are always in fashion. Association of designer’s own name creates so much beauty in it. You can walk with grace in the fashion circles of the country carrying your special handbag. All these factors make it most preferred choice of women. Women have a nature of not sharing anything with others. When designer assures them that the handbags they are purchasing are unique in design, quality and material, they love it.

Designer handbags should always reflect your taste and likeness. So choose a handbag which you like the most. Don’t go for a specific designer’s name. Don’t let other people discourage you from buying one handbag that you like the most, their opinion should not matter as it reflects their own tastes and likeness not yours.

 Power of the designer is amazing. People spend weeks in waiting for a collection from a particular designer and spend thousands of dollars in securing their favorite handbag. If you want a famous designer to articulate a handbag for you, you may have to wait for perhaps some years as the waiting list above you is so long.

Can an Average Earner Purchase Designer Handbag?

Women's Michael Kors Purse Handbag Medium Tote RTW JQD Charlton Beige/Camel/LuggageIf you are an average earner, you must be aspiring of purchasing the designer handbag but you cannot do so due to the reason that it’s too expensive. Well, I suggest you to think about it as an investment. A good quality designer handbag can last for years or sometime for decades. If you change one handbag every year and a designer’s handbag can last for five years but it is ten times costly than normal bag, I think you should go for the designer one. I personally do have a designer handbag that my mother purchased twenty years ago. My mother used it for a long time and handed over to me when I started going to high school. It is still very beautiful and in good shape. I have been known as a stylish girl who uses designer handbag. The feeling of having a designer handbag is wonderful. It gives lots of boost to your confidence.

Plenty has been discussed about designer handbags but believe me, you cannot imagine the intrinsic satisfaction of using it until you buy it. I have always visited for not only handbags and wallets but almost the entire stuff I put on! The quality speaks for the items I purchase!

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