Designer Handbags – Complementing Me In all Sense

designer handbagsThere is always something about designer handbags that unfailingly catches every woman’s fascination. As for me, I have always been their aficionado. Well, it’s not purely because of the highly regarded and fashionable brands they stand for; but also because of the quality, as well as the beautiful and intricate details on every stitch made. Apart from these, through my very own observation, modern women have become so perceptive especially when it comes to fashion. A mom-at-home who walks about with a perfect touch of makeup, stylish outwear and stilettos and at the same time carrying a famous designer handbag could be a successful businesswoman in the eyes of everyone who sees her – optical illusion?

Designer stuff mysteriously gives the wearer some sense of confidence. It is also true that whenever we women see another elegant one carrying a handbag, our eyes would involuntarily scan for the label it bears – try to deny it but you very well know you’ve done it before. So no matter how costly a designer bag may be, I still think its purchase is worthwhile. After all, what is the use of purchasing one at a lesser price but only usable within a few months due to its mediocre quality? Thus, the idea of being calculative in choosing something from the fashion world does not appeal to me. Thrifty is one thing, after all I don’t want to spend all my hard earned money striving after materialism. However, I too do not want to be thrifty on giving out positive impressions about myself to others.

designer handbagsWell, I have to admit that at most times, designer handbags may push out of the usual concept of fashion. For example, the unordinary handbag shapes designed by James Piatt; ranging from handguns to an animal being roasted as in tribal movies, I initially thought he was not going far with them. He did. This makes me conclude that if fashion were to be predictable, there wouldn’t be any thrill to it. I guess we all have no choice but to keep our minds open at all the possibilities fashion and fad could offer us with.

designer handbagsdesigner handbagsOn the other hand there are also many other designer handbags that I find more appealing to the eyes. I have always fancied totes designed by Burberry. They always come with sleek classiness embodied in convoluted designs that somehow present the wearer with a sense elegance and a touch of comfort when carrying it around. Donna Karan New York (DKNY) is another favorite designer of mine. While Burberry promises elegance, DKNY guarantees sophistication amidst casualness. I’d probably have a Burberry in my closet and reserve it for special occasions, but DKNY handbags can be worn at anytime in a day without reservations. So whether I’m donning a skinny jean with a simple top, a Women’s DKNY Purse Handbag T&C Turnlock Large Cross Body Brown such as the one displayed on will complement my beauty in a unique way; making me noticeable at all times.

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