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Jerry Garcia NecktiesJerry Garcia NecktiesJerry Garcia NecktiesJerry Garcia was an American musician who was born in 1942. He was best known for his guitar work and singing. All artists are very creative in nature, but Jerry Garcia’s artistic abilities were beyond music. He was a designer of ties. In fact, people know him more for his ties collection rather than due to his music. Before joining his band, he was student of a fine arts school and was very fond of painting. Jerry Garcia Neckties is a famous brand among those who want to have a unique tie around their neck.

Jerry Garcia Neckties Differentiation

Jerry Garcia NecktiesJerry Garcia neckties are different from other brands. Other brands make a design particularly for purpose of tie manufacturing but Jerry Garcia’s designs are actually paintings which he made when he was a student. These paintings are transferred to the stuff of ties. This is why they are unique, charming and graceful. Same design is available in plenty of different colors and materials. Some resources say that Jerry Garcia neckties are available in more than hundred different designs but after extensive research, I could not find more than fifty designs. But even fifty designs is an incredible effort. Although it is artistic work which is converted into neckties but amazingly colors of ties are not very sharp. Ties are available in very generally used colors so you can wear them in your office and in meetings.

Three Famous Jerry Garcia Neckties

  • Design of this tie looks like bricks stacked vertically. There is a shadow behind these bricks which makes this tie very attractive. This design is called Dawn at the Ritz.
  • This tie has a mixture of three colors used very delicately in its design. Mainly design comprises of two colors black and red but grey is also used to give effect of shadow. Small heart at the bottom of the design enhances its beauty. Red heart is not very large that you cannot wear it in your office. You can wear it even if you are on date to have a lovely look. Name of this design is Lust which I think is very appropriate to what it is.
  • Another artistic Jerry Garcia necktie is “who goes there”. In this tie there is a small skeleton hanging within the design. It is not very obvious in its design but if you look into the design thoroughly, you will get to know about it. So this tie can be very useful for adventurous people. Again, skeleton is not observed apparently so you can use it in your office.

Where to buy?

Jerry Garcia NecktiesJerry Garcia neckties are a collection of his fifty odd paintings which are converted to very fine fabric. If you go to the supermarket, you will not get all its designs there. So selection will become a problem for you. But if you intend to shop it online, you will have access to all of his beautiful designs. You can choose your own color and make hassle free payment. But before shopping online you should see the credibility of the website you are transacting with. I have personal experience of buying many Jerry Garcia neckties from Fabric of the ties is awesome and they ensure its delivery in a very short time. They have a large collection of Jerry Garcia neckties from where you can select your favorite one.

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