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How the Jerry Garcia extra long neckties come into existence

Friday, May 29th, 2015

Jerry Garcia Tie XL Extra Long Collection 59 BirdlandJerry Garcia Tie XL Extra Long Collection 58 ClockworksJerry Garcia was in 1942, in America. He was best known for his prowess in playing solo guitar as well as singing. Garcia family was deeply involved in music since then. His father was a professional musician whereas his matter enjoyed play piano. Garcia developed interesting in music since his childhood. He learned playing piano while attending his primary school. Most of his passion in music was drawn from his family members. Besides music Garcia had love for neckties. As a matter of fact, every occasion he was invited to perform he was always in his exceptional extra long necktie.

Jerry Garcia Neck Tie Artist Proof No. 7 Lady with Elaborate Headdress and GekoThere is a lot to be said about Garcia neckties. Garcia collections of ties are inspired by his drawings. As an artist, Garcia never took anything to chance when it came to showcasing his creativity. Jerry Garcia ties were very unique. His neckties were always filled with bold colors, brush strokes as well as conceptual art that were his strong point. His tie were made using introduced silk crepe, every piece of tie was 3 ¼ inches in width.

Jerry Garcia neckties had bears or skeletons. Garcia neckties were produced as well as distributed by Stonehenge, Ltd. What’s more, Stonehenge limited used Grateful Dead art, which is Jerry Garcia’s original artwork in producing Jerry Garcia tie. When purchasing Jerry Garcia tie, check if the tie has J Garcia brand label.

Jerry Garcia Neck Tie Collection 60 Who Goes There HalloweenJerry Garcia tie was eye-catching due to the naturally instigate drawings that had a very significant meaning in his life. His tie fitted well with a plain, slim button, which brought forth an exceptional backdrop. The tie also matched well with casual tires like jeans, American kaki as well as blazers. His entire fashion was unique, and therefore it attracted a number of people who lived very far from his home town.

Jerry Garcia ties can be found in different color, ranging green, red as well as yellow. I guess these are primary colors that can easily be matched by any color. Not only that Jerry Garcia ties was exceptional, they were unique in design. What’s more, they had incredible names like Snail Garden that is obtainable in a number of colors. Other types of ties were called Plant Person as well as Liquid Torso.

Jerry Garcia Neck Tie Limited Collection Artist Proof No. 7 HieroglyphicsIf you want to look flashy in your three piece suite, Garcia ties are the best to go for. These ties are found online on several marketing platform but could be your final version of choice every time you buy.

Keeping it up with Neckties for Summer

Monday, May 11th, 2015

Men's Donald Trump Signature Collection Necktie Neck Tie Blue and Silver PaisleyWhen you’re wearing a tie, you can do just about anything, and go anywhere. It’s like a Black Card you wear. A good necktie lets you dress up a pair of jeans, pull together a shirt and jacket, and gives you a sense of personality and style. If you learn to do it right – with the right width, the right style, and the right knot, and the right shirt, you’ll have dad looking like a class act in no time.

Although most guys shouldn’t attempt to pull off seersucker suit, this casual, cotton look can work well when paired with a suit or jacket. Wear to a garden party wedding, paired with navy or grey for a fashion forward look.

Bright colors and prints are definitely in style this season. Take a silver of inspiration from this Baltimore Plaid and Kingsport Stripe tie and pocket square combo from the tie bar. Floral ties are in for summer, especially in more casual fabrics, like this vintage rose print from General Knot. Using fine vintage and dead stock fabrics as old as World War II, General Knot hand makes ties that are fashion forward, and always fun. The skinny necktie with floral print, with constricting stubby blue cotton weave, is great for pairing with khakis, a navy blue suit, or jeans.

Bright and fresh for summer, melons, pinks, and fuchsias are in. Try linen and silk combo from the tie bar, coordinated with a contrasting pocket square. This tie is for summer wedding fabulous when paired with a linen suit and white button down dress shirt. Bright colors can pop an outfit easily, especially when their in the form of a now tie. This silk number from Bull and Moose looks great with a khaki suit for a pretty, summer look.

Tie your necktie to the right length. The tip of your necktie should hang down to reach the center of your belt buckle. It tying a tie to the right length has been a challenge for you then you may want to consider tying a smaller tie knot, or you may need extra long ties – neckties especially made for the man taller than 6 foot 3 inches. There are many tie accessories that are supposed to dress up your necktie. Most common are tie pins, chains, clips, and tie bars. The only acceptable options here are tie bars. Keep the design simple and match the color to your belt buckle, cuff links, and wrist watch. is the best option when it is time to buy quality neckties for summer.

Formal Neckties for men

Friday, May 1st, 2015

Neckties are the staples of the corporate world and of late, they have permeated even other spheres. No matter which interview there is to attend, there is always a difficult choice to make. Which necktie to wear? Is there any room to experiment?

To answer those questions, we have to look at the evolution of formal ties. At first, it was a very restricted area. Clinging to just the greys and blues, it was not acceptable to wear any other color. Now, the winds have changed and the formal necktie segment is no more a drab affair. it is vivid and it is progressing at a pace, unmatched. New colors are ushered in with much enthusiasm and men are not afraid to try on more challenging patterns.

This radical shift comes as a boon to necktie makers as they now have a wide variety to offer. Formal neckties for men have taken full advantage of this paradigm shift and have started incorporating more splashes of color in their lines.

So what is the ideal formal necktie? A formal necktie shouldn’t provoke. It should be calming and soothing and suited to an office environment. It shouldn’t be too over the top or trying too hard. Even bright colors can be work but care must be shown in pairing them up with shirts that will compliment them. A necktie that makes you feel, and look professional must be your top priority.  The safest bets are always colors that are accepted everywhere. Navy blues, dull greens and oxblood reds are very exciting and are welcomed in offices as well.

Also, care should be shown in picking a necktie that is of the perfect length. Too short or too long and it would ruin the whole outfit. While the color and the pattern matter, the length cannot be altogether ignored. Ladies, if you are looking to gift your man a necktie, a formal necktie will surely win over his heart. A lady who cares so deeply for her man’s professional life, is a keeper, they say. Pick one that best suits his personality and show him some love, this anniversary.

For the best formal ties, that are guaranteed to make you look ready to take on any new challenge, call their home. Be sure to visit the site to have the ultimate necktie shopping experience and never have another outfit ruined because of a bad necktie.

When and where to use Men’s neckties for parties

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

Jerry Garcia Neck Tie Artist Proof 10 Irish St. Patrick's Day Cyclops RockJerry Garcia Neck Tie Collection 59 Overlooking the DesertAre you looking for a necktie to wear for a party? Well! Ties can be obtained in different style, shapes and sizes. You as a person in need of that particular tie, you need to choose what kind of neck tie you need. This might sound unfriendly; anyway, there are a number of facts you need to consider when selecting a party tie. Not all ties can be worn during any party occasion. However, you need to define the kind of party you are going to attend prior to choosing the tie. There are occasions such as state house parties, which are attend by high dignitaries. Whereas they are other parties that don’t call for much attention in dressing cord like birthday parties and so forth.

Official parties

Men's Sean John Necktie Neck Tie RedMen’s neckties for parties such as official functions ought to be very official. In fact, you need to take into account things like color, length as well as the tie knob. When attending a state house party, you shouldn’t wear a red necktie one the president is around. Red neckties symbolize power and they are only worn by the people in power in such occasions.

There are also other issued that you have to look it into prior to putting on a tie, For instance, the length of the necktie. Ensure that your necktie doesn’t go beyond your belt. All in all, you need to select a necktie that go hand in hand with the color of your necktie. Mismatching in an officially party can be so shameful to any individual attending the occasion.

Men attending end year business party can put on dark red ties. These neckties don’t have much significance; however, they can match with any kind of men’s shorts.

Men’s necktie Birthday parties

Men’s neckties for parties like birthday are multicolored. Why? Multicolored neckties can be worn on other type of shirts. What’s more, they can be worn with casual clothes like jeans, American kaki, checked shirts and so on. Multicolored neckties are worn with men who want to look exceptional and appealing.

Funeral parties

I guess you might be wondering what kind of necktie you are supposed to wear during a funeral party. Well! Funeral parties are engulfed with sorrow and darkness. Nothing is seen as positive during such occasion. Therefore, Men’s neckties for parties like funeral are black. Back neckties can be worn instead of black shirts. However, when wearing a black shirt, you can still compliment your dressing with stripes black shirt to enhance visibility.

Looking to buy authentic necktie for any of your style and occasion? Just take a sneak peek at and enjoy shopping.

Designer Neckties for Summer Comfort

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

Men's J. Jerry Garcia Necktie Neck Tie Collection Fifty-seven SunsetA necktie in summer is one of the most irritation pieces of clothing to put on. Given a choice, I am sure, we would pack it away during summer. Unfortunately in the world that we leave in, the cooperate world demands a certain standard look that is completed with a necktie. Well, thanks to the ever changing and demanding fashion world, there are neckties that are specifically designed and tailor made for summer.

The type of material plays a significant role in summer. Heavy, wool material is not recommended during summer. You will sweat around your neck area, let alone look ridiculous. Light, silk material ties are a must have when the weather is hot. This material allows ventilation, and keeps you cool. Try wearing a wool tie during summer and you will be amazed how a small strip of material can make you sweat! Heavy cotton material ties are also restricted to winter.

The color of your tie also plays an important role. As irrelevant as it sounds, the dark the color, it is most certain that it will attract and retain heat, making you hot and uncomfortable. Bright colors may not be suitable for a work environment or for some formal events, but there are some light subtle colors that you can wear instead of the black and bold colors. Take note, light colored, does not mean bright colored, so don’t immediately rule off the idea. You can add some color if you want depending on the occasion you are attending. Orange is a nice bright color for a wedding for example. Lime green and turquoise blue is a subtle and light color for the work environment.

A tie is also a fashion accessory other than a prerequisite for a formal environment. If you condition your mind to see it in this way, it will not be so daunting to wear during summer. The fashion world is always evolving, and hence the invention of a necktie for summer. Let your necktie to accentuate your outfit, rather than wear it out of duty. It is not just another piece that you throw on top. That is why it is called a fashion accessory.

Check to buy neckties for summer. When you see the variety on offer, it will be much easier to picture yourself in one. Who said you cannot look sleek in a neck tie and still feel comfortable?

Tips to help you get Formal neckties for men

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

Duchamp Neck Tie Small PaisleyNeckties aren’t just ordinary accomplice for men. They’re exception attires that need attention just like any other piece of cloth. You need to clean and iron every single day. Formal neckties for men are made of silk material and they can be obtained from any fashion shop around. That said than done, there a number of things you need to consider when purchasing formal neckties for men.

Look for better Color

Jerry Garcia Neck Tie Artist Proof No. 7 Lady with Elaborate Headdress and GekoWhen selecting a formal necktie for men you need to take into account color. As a matter of fact, color plays critical in anyone’s dressing. Your neckties colors ought to fall within the primary color. This will make it easy for you to blend them with any kind of shirt or suite you are wearing. Furthermore, choose necktie that compliment your skin color.

Consider the quality of material

When purchasing formal neckties for men. You need to check on quality of the necktie that you are anticipating to purchase. A good quality necktie should be 100% silk. Therefore, it is wise to procure silk made necktie due to the fact that it will polish you up. Besides that, it is also long last.

The right length of necktie

Jerry Garcia Neck Tie Collection 60 Who Goes There HalloweenChoosing the right size of the necktie is another important aspect. A necktie can make you look short if it is over size. Therefore, if you are tall, ensure that you pick a necktie that will look nice on you. Fashionists recommend that your neckties shouldn’t go bellow your belt.

Formal neckties for checked shirts

In case you love checked shirts, you need to purchase a formal necktie based on the dominate color of your shirt. This will sought out issues of color clashing, thus give you a sharp look.

Formal neckties for plain shirts

For plain shirt, any formal neckties for men are okay. You can choose what to wear without worrying about your shirt color. However, you need to watch your skin so that you don’t look awkward in your smart tire. Fashionists believe that, the only way to get your tires complimenting, you have to choose a color that is contrast to the other attire.

Duchamp Neck Tie Big Spot TieFormal neckties for men must be done well to avoid any misconception or mismatching. There a number of formal neckties for men trending in the market containing a lot of colors. There ties can be worn with casual attires such as jeans and so forth. They’re friendly to any kind of shirt. Check out when you opt to buy genuine neckties.

Men’s Neckties For Parties

Sunday, January 25th, 2015

Men's Donald Trump Signature Collection Necktie Neck Tie Blue and Silver PaisleyMen's Sean John Necktie Neck Tie RedWe have all been there. We all know how shopping for party feels like. Worse even, dressing up for a party. It’s the absolute worst nightmare.  Parties are happening everywhere and everyone is going to be there. A lot of beautiful ladies, included.  There definitely is a lot of pressure to look casual and yet, sophisticated. How do you nail that look?

A wide array of men’s neckties for parties is aimed at doing just that. With offerings that are sure to dazzle your eyes and make you want to buy more than just what you need, these party neckties are your best bet to a party.

Men's Sean John Necktie Neck Tie PurpleOffice neckties are in sober colours that do not stand out. Parties are fun, frolic and a lot of attention. Do not let that opportunity go by attending a party in a boring necktie. Having neckties that are specifically party purpose is important for any man. A red satin tie with a beautiful pattern on it, is sure to steal some hearts and make some heads turn. So let that music flow through you as you dance to the latest tunes, looking oh-so-handsome.

How are men’s neckties for parties different from ordinary neckties? To answer that, I will have to draw your attention to your closet. Look at it. If you don’t find any tie that captures your attention for more than 10 seconds, you are in need of a party tie. They do just that. They grab attention and make you more attractive. That club hopping shirt that you bought? It would go beautifully with the party wear necktie.

What colors should I go for? That depends. Is it a formal event or a family get together?  A garden party or a night out in the clubs? For a formal event, a low key tie should do the trick. A family get together can use a little splash of color. A garden party would be best attended in shades of pastel. A night out in the clubs? Well, there are no rules there. Go wild. Put two and two together and make a statement.

Wondering where you can find some cool men’s party neckties?  You have come to the right place. Visit for the best pick and never, ever go into a party again looking drab and boring. With these ties, you will gain the confidence to be the life of the party.

Jerry Garcia Extra-Long Neckties

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

Jerry Garcia Neck Tie Extra Long XL Collection 53 TrollNeckties are what set men apart from boys. They decide the wow factor. They add oomph to any man. Any man that can pull off a daring necktie is already eye candy, not to mention, highly popular. We have all come to accept that neckties cannot be left out in any corporate atmosphere. But not only that, be it a charity fundraiser or meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time, neckties are a must have.

Jerry Garcia Tie XL Extra Long Collection 59 Lady with Argyle SocksJerry Garcia extra-long neckties are a revolutionary entrance into the world of neckties. They have brought to the market, a whole new flavour and exciting avenues to explore. Have to pick a tie for your best friend’s wedding? Tough job. And the people at Jerry Garcia understand that and have made ties that be worn to any occasion.

Jerry Garcia Tie XL EXTRA LONG Limited Collection Artist Proof No. 7 Tidal WaveWhat are the benefits of extra-long neckties?  If you are from the very desired cream of men who are tall, you have just hit jackpot. If you were till now sacrificing on style, for length. Your tie woes are over, my friend. Jerry Garcia extra-long neckties are, as the name suggests, extra-long and definitely extra, extra stylish. They do not like to compromise on style, at all.

Neckties are not an everyday man’s thing to pull off. Jerry Garcia extra-long neckties are made for the best of the men. In vivid, challenging colours, the neckties are a work of art in themselves. Pair it with a proper shirt and you are all set to take the world by a storm.

Ladies, gift your man a Jerry Garcia extra-long necktie this anniversary and let him know how much you care about him. He will appreciate the gesture.

Jerry Garcia Neck Tie Landscape Collection 55 XL Extra LongHead out to, now! You are sure to find the one that suits you best. Pick from all the varied colours and sizes and be sure to not settle for the ordinary. If you are dressed to perfection, you cannot skip a Jerry Garcia necktie.

How Your Neckties Should Match with Your Shirt

Saturday, January 17th, 2015

Jerry Garcia Neck Tie Artist Proof No. 10 Curves and LinesDuchamp Neck Tie Big Spot TieMatching your necktie with the shirt you are going to wear is a tough job as it not only considers your interests and choices but also the current and the latest fashion trends. Wearing a tie that is out of fashion or doesn’t match with your shirt may bring a bit of humiliation to you as you can see people staring at your necktie and trying to hold their laughter. It has become more of a GQ if someone knows how to match a tie with the shirt.

Men's Donald J. Trump Neck Tie Available in Several ColorsThis becomes more important when you are going to head or join a formal meeting or any other formal gathering. Selecting the best matching necktie is important when you are going to appear in an interview and the job is looking for a formal looking person. The very first impression in the interview would be wearing good dress and above all, a good matching necktie. Getting a good tie with a good shirt would keep you in the eyes of the employers and you may make a good and long lasting impression.

Not every guy has that special eye to match the neckties with the shirts. There are different types of shirts and neckties and both have different colors, brands, patterns, etc. It takes a good sense of fashion to match a tie with any of your shirts. The best shirt that can welcome every type of neckties is the white cotton shirt. The plain white shirt is the most common and widely used across the globe and this is the shirt that has the ability to match with almost all types of neckties. You can use a single color, patterned or any other stylish necktie with white shirts.

Jerry Garcia Tie XL Extra Long Collection 58 ClockworksWearing plain shirts with colored tones might be required for some special occasions. You can wear solid colored neckties with such shirts. Usually the neckties color should be a bit darker than that of the shirt. For example, if you are wearing a light pink shirt, a darker shade of necktie would look much better with it. Using the stripped neckties is recommended while wearing the striped shirts whereas polka dots can also be a good idea.

Whatever necktie color or pattern is selected but it should be a genuine designer necktie for a quicker impression. Shop best quality designer neckties for men from and make the very first impression.

Jerry Garcia Neckties for Formal and Casual Use

Saturday, December 27th, 2014

Jerry Garcia Neck Tie Collection 60 Trees ChristmasJerry Garcia Tie XL Extra Long Collection 59 BirdlandWhen it comes to going formal as well as casual with stylish neckties, Jerry Garcia neckties come into play. Whether you are attending a wedding ceremony or going to attend a corporate meeting, the very first impression you may deliver is to show off your outfits and the tie would tell the whole story if it is Jerry Garcia necktie. What makes Jerry Garcia neckties is that it backs the name of leading signer of the Grateful Dead band. This is where impression meets the brand names.

Jerry Garcia neckties are not common neckties and are not for the commons as well. They are the unique thoughts and ideas that Jerry Garcia brought to the material world. The unique sketches describe how beautifully carved life can be.

Jerry Garcia Tie XL Extra Long Collection 58 Aztec ObjectsThere are many quirky designs available that come in different colors. You can get same design with different color schemes. It may pose your style in a unique way. Moreover, the best thing goes when the ties have been knotted with different names like the Lust, the Dawn at the Ritz and the Who Goes There.

Go to a wedding ceremony or any other party, your tie would keep many eyes stuck with all its alluring colors and sketches. Jerry Garcia ties go a long way in conveying what you are there for. Its not only about wearing a stylish tie but also describing the whole world what a piece of work you are wearing and you know how style goes by.

Jerry Garcia Tie XL Extra Long Collection 59 BirdlandJerry Garcia neckties are available in quality fabric with the unique color schemes. Men would aspire your personality as you join a gathering and women would certainly get impressed. This is the way, a beautiful and stylish necktie can do the work for you. Jerry Garcia neckties have been worn by the celebrities and high profile people. Why don’t you try it with you?

Jerry Garcia Tie XL Extra Long Collection 58 ClockworksOne of the main issue while looking to buy the original Jerry Garcia ties is where to buy them from. They are available in local stores but not every store can showcase it. The best option is buying online from a trusted store that sells genuine Jerry Garcia Neckties. This is where offers the best quality Jerry Garcia neckties.