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designer brandsWell, it’s quite tricky to make out and conclude which are the best designer brands since every design is distinctive in its own way. However, everyone has one’s own preferences and so do I.  Since I have quite much of a free time to jot down something on this topic, I am going to do just that – my little thoughts on the best designer brands.

designer brandsI recall the time when I was still in my teen years, my friends and I used to converse about anything revolving around makeup and boys. However, now that I’m all grown up, I’m quite surprised that conversations with my acquaintances about fashion do not revolve on what we think will catch the interests of the opposite gender; rather, on what will make us women look as professionally elegant as we could. So, there we’d be, talking about designer shoes, designer bags, and all other designer stuffs – although I have to admit that the reason of our discussion could be because of pure admiration, or the competitive feeling to outwit the others in terms of fashion knowledge, or worst, wanting to make a showy display of what we could purchase. Women!

Whatever the case is, I believe every woman admires designer stuffs. Back from where I come from, one could easily get imitations of products from designer brands. Not all brands, though. Only certain ones like Gucci, Chanel, Prada and Louis Vuitton. Well, we know that these designer brands produce a wide array of handbags, so I always prefer handbags by other designer brands because it’s kind of hard to distinguish whether someone is wearing the original or faux. I personally do not want to spend hundreds on a designer stuff that looks like one bought for a few dollars. With this in mind, I prefer designer brands that are less known to people in general, but are mostly circulated in the fashion world.

My recent favorites are something from Liz Claiborne and DKNY. Then again, best designer brands differ between products. In terms of clothing, I always feel that Gucci, Burberry as well as Chanel have a lot to offer. Ranging from designs that are chic with a touch of avant-garde, I can’t help but to welcome a number of them from these brands into my wardrobe.  In the world of handbags and shoes, Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin have really come up with sophisticated elegance in all their designs, making available a broad selection of formal to casual hangout wears. I like Michael Kors too. I always feel his designs are on par with the leading designer brands and needless to mention, he’s one of the judges on my long-time favorite fashion show – Project Runway. In terms of make-ups, Dior and Loreal Paris have definitely gained their spot among the world’s renowned make-up artists and mass marketed many of them.

The list is too long, I guess. I believe the best designer brands in the world of haute couture are always subjective to the eyes of the beholder since many brands are on the rise and have given way to a great number of appealing designs. Whatever the case is, I truly find Women’s DKNY Purse Handbag T&C Modern Chino/Brown displayed on irresistible – to purchase or not to purchase?

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