Beauty And Elegance Of Designer Handbag

Women's Etienne Aigner Purse Handbag Hyannis Collection Multi StripedThe beauty, charm, brand recognition and grace associated with the designer handbags are something for which no other substitute is available. Some people think that this is just a waste of money to purchase such expensive handbags but this is also reality that these are very few in numbers. They think that there is no difference between two bags but for a fashion lover like me, there is a hell of difference. The intrinsic value associated with the branded stuff can only be felt after using it.

Guess Purse Handbag Cherry CardiffI would not be wrong in claiming that the designer handbags have become status symbol nowadays. If you have this type of bag on your shoulder, you can walk with all the confidence of this planet. When designer designs a handbag, he considers many factors in his mind including the age of the intended customer, the fashion running on in the industry, the appropriateness of color, the size of strips and many more. The quality of bags is always much better than the normal bags available in the market. But the most attractive factor is class which is perhaps charged in the price of the handbags as well in the association of the name of designer. The tag or buckle of the designer, which is his recognition, is something people show off when they have handbag with them.

Women's Guess Purse Handbag Aviation Tote BlackWomen have a basic instinct of not sharing anything with others. Some women (in fact very few who can afford it) make contract with the designers to design the handbags for them especially. This is very normal in the Hollywood and fashion industry. Now the trend of designing outfits for the marriage day has also been started. In these situations, designer designs the handbag keeping in view your personality and the dress you are wearing on that particular day.

Although designer handbags are very stylish and unique, they are made for general public. You should select one as per your own choice. No one can make better decision than your own self about what suits you. So always choose a handbag which you like the most. It should always reflect your style and taste.

Women's Guess Purse Handbag Founders Tote Black/White Signature PrintMost of the designers enjoy high profit margin on each handbag sold. They have plenty of loyal customers. People wait for many months to have a particular design from a designer. I have also seen people delaying their marriage functions for some months as the designers they are intended to tailor their suits are not available in the current months.

Designer handbags are expensive. There is no second opinion and no doubt about it. But I would suggest you to perceive it differently, from a long run view. If you buy a normal handbag for $50 and it is used for one year, I think there is no harm in purchasing a designer handbag for $350 if it can be used for 5 years. Designers ensure high quality of material which is why these bags are used even for decades. So in the long run it is a profitable investment.

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