All There is to Know About Silk Neckties

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Most men own at least one necktie. If you have children, a necktie is the standard Father’s Day gift. Neckties can come in various fabrics. They can be made of silk, satin, polyester and even cashmere. A silk necktie can make any man look like a class act. There is one problem. Silk is very delicate so if you get a spot on your silk necktie, you can’t just throw it in the washing machine. They also are not made to be dry cleaned. The following are some ways to care for your silk necktie and also try to remove a stain from it if necessary.

Basic Silk Tie Care:
When tying a necktie, make sure that your hands are clean and that your fingernails are well manicured. Silk is a very delicate fabric that has microscopic fine silk threads. Pulling an individual thread out of the tie will ruin it. The most common reason that this happens are long fingernails, or rough calices on the inside of your hands. Also do not side the tie through your hands to further avoid pulling threads.

Untie your tie after each wearing and hand it straight in a ventilated area. This will straighten the tie and remove any wrinkles from the tie know. Also avoid direct sun exposure if not necessary. For travel, it is advisable to buy special travel cases to protect your expensive ties.

Basic Tips to Clean a Silk Tie:
Try to avoid stains in first place. Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, this is easier said than done. Mishaps do happen, and if you do stain your necktie the few basic tips below will help to save your expensive silk tie. Make sure to never use water to clean your tie. Instead use a white cotton cloth with rubbing alcohol on it. Take this moist cloth and tap it onto the stain of the tie.

How to remove wrinkles in a silk tie:
Just as with stains, try to avoid wrinkles in first place. To do this either hang your tie or roll it up with the good side out after each wearing. Also make sure to untie your tie after each time you wear it.

Silk Ties for Big & Tall men:
If you have problems tying regular sized neckties to the right length so that the tip ends near the center of your belt buckle, chances are you need special length ties. Most men that are taller than 6’3″ will have this problem, and for that reason necktie designers make special XL neckties. Extra Long Ties usually measure between 60″-62″. Most brick and mortar stores don’t carry a large selection of extra long ties. The best place to shop for XL ties is on special online necktie retailers. Most of them will offer a wide variety of ties in XL length.

Retro Skinny Ties:
In recent years the skinny tie that was first found in the 60s has celebrated a big comeback among renowned fashion designers throughout the world. A few years ago the skinny tie used to be only popular among hipsters and trend-setters, but very recently the skinny tie has become quite fashionable in conventional business attire with suit and dress shirt.

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