9 Tips for Choosing a Men’s Wallet

Men’s wallets are necessities to staying organized, stylish and efficient; therefore it is important to consider all your options when choosing the perfect wallet for your needs.

The following are some tips to consider when making your wallet selection.

1. Style

Are you a Tri-fold or Bi-fold kind of guy? Tri-folds will give you ample room for a variety of items and are usually thicker. Bi-folds are a bit larger and are usually less bulky in your back pocket. Think of comfort as well and how it fits in your pocket.

Kenneth cole with key ringMens Polo Ralph Lauren passcase

2. Money Compartments

Most wallets will have a variety of one or two compartments for your money. If you are really organized and want to separate your bills, then the two compartment option is the way to go. If you have no preference and want all your bills in one place then choose the one compartment option.

3. Identification Section

Select the identification area as to where you prefer having your ID positioned. Some wallets may hide it somewhat while others make it convenient and place that section predominately.

Ralph Lauren wallet with logoTommy Hilfiger trifold blk and brn

4. Coins

Select a wallet that will add in your organization by having a coin compartment. Some wallets offer this option to keep you from having to carry loose change in your pocket.

5. Material

Generally most men’s wallets are made out of leather as it is one of the most durable lasting materials. For the man that prefers something that will last, a designer wallet is an excellent choice. For the athlete and active man, plastic or nylon are great options.

6. Card slots

Are you someone who has tons of credit cards? Then you’ll want to find one that offers many slots to accommodate all those important cards. These additional slots can be used for things other than credit cards as well; gift cards, dining cards, discount cards, etc.

7. Color

While most men’s wallets are made out of leather and are typically brown or black, there are many options for color as well. Go bold and choose something that fits your personality and sense of style.

8. Brand

The brand of wallet is just as important to your style and necessity. With wallets ranging anywhere from Ralph Lauren, Kenneth Cole and Tommy Hilfiger, you will be able to find the brand you are accustomed to, or would like to purchase. Most of these designer wallets will have their logo on the wallet of your choice thereby showcasing your taste and style.

9. Photos

Are you a proud father or grandfather that prefers to show off those precious pictures? Then select a wallet that will allow you to carry pictures. Some wallets may have the option of carrying a lot of photos while others may only carry a few. Most wallets will allow you to remove this feature if you decide not to carry pictures, or just want to change it up some.

As you can see, there are many options to consider and varieties of men’s wallets to choose from. We’ve made it easier for you to choose, go here and check it out: www.etrendzshop.com

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