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Beauty And Elegance Of Designer Handbag

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Women's Etienne Aigner Purse Handbag Hyannis Collection Multi StripedThe beauty, charm, brand recognition and grace associated with the designer handbags are something for which no other substitute is available. Some people think that this is just a waste of money to purchase such expensive handbags but this is also reality that these are very few in numbers. They think that there is no difference between two bags but for a fashion lover like me, there is a hell of difference. The intrinsic value associated with the branded stuff can only be felt after using it.

Guess Purse Handbag Cherry CardiffI would not be wrong in claiming that the designer handbags have become status symbol nowadays. If you have this type of bag on your shoulder, you can walk with all the confidence of this planet. When designer designs a handbag, he considers many factors in his mind including the age of the intended customer, the fashion running on in the industry, the appropriateness of color, the size of strips and many more. The quality of bags is always much better than the normal bags available in the market. But the most attractive factor is class which is perhaps charged in the price of the handbags as well in the association of the name of designer. The tag or buckle of the designer, which is his recognition, is something people show off when they have handbag with them.

Women's Guess Purse Handbag Aviation Tote BlackWomen have a basic instinct of not sharing anything with others. Some women (in fact very few who can afford it) make contract with the designers to design the handbags for them especially. This is very normal in the Hollywood and fashion industry. Now the trend of designing outfits for the marriage day has also been started. In these situations, designer designs the handbag keeping in view your personality and the dress you are wearing on that particular day.

Although designer handbags are very stylish and unique, they are made for general public. You should select one as per your own choice. No one can make better decision than your own self about what suits you. So always choose a handbag which you like the most. It should always reflect your style and taste.

Women's Guess Purse Handbag Founders Tote Black/White Signature PrintMost of the designers enjoy high profit margin on each handbag sold. They have plenty of loyal customers. People wait for many months to have a particular design from a designer. I have also seen people delaying their marriage functions for some months as the designers they are intended to tailor their suits are not available in the current months.

Designer handbags are expensive. There is no second opinion and no doubt about it. But I would suggest you to perceive it differently, from a long run view. If you buy a normal handbag for $50 and it is used for one year, I think there is no harm in purchasing a designer handbag for $350 if it can be used for 5 years. Designers ensure high quality of material which is why these bags are used even for decades. So in the long run it is a profitable investment.

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Three Famous Jerry Garcia Neckties

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

Men's J. Jerry Garcia Neck Tie Necktie Watercolor Collection Artist Proof No. 6 Butterfly Study XL EXTRA LONGJerry Garcia neckties are entirely different from other brands of neckties in many ways. Especially they are known for the uniqueness of designs they produce. This is a small but perhaps most profitable company in terms of margins is concerned in the necktie industry. They charge higher prices and people are willing to pay them because of their unique designs.

Here we shall discuss a little about the true story behind the designs of Jerry Garcia Neckties which is the cause if its success. Jerry Garcia was a fine arts student and was very passionate about his paintings. He painted many things in his student life and afterward just for the sake of his passion. Than he got the idea of converting these painting into the fabric of neckties. This is how the designs of these neckties were produced. Now all the designs are true creations of this legendary artist.

Designer’s function in the company is just limited to selecting appropriate colors and fabric for the designs. Senior designers have also been given the autonomy to alter a design a little bit before transforming it into neckties. However this is done in the way that soul of the design remains the same. They claim that there are hundreds of designs in the market but I could find around fifty. Three most famous designs of Jerry Garcia Neckties are following;

  1. Men's J. Jerry Garcia Neck Tie Limited Edition Collection Forty-three Dawn At the Ritz Carlton 100% SilkMost famous design is called Dawn at the Ritz. This name was specifically given by the legendary artist to this design. It looks like bricks stacked vertically. Actually the reason behind the familiarity of Dawn at the Ritz is not these bricks but the shadow behind it. This is really a high class creation. In fact if you remove the shadow behind these bricks, you get nothing out of the design. Whenever you buy a necktie, you don’t look at the fabric, color and design in isolation. What you look at is the overall feel of the necktie and overall feel of this design is awesome. This tie is more famous in professionals and business class people.
  2. Men's J. Jerry Garcia Neck Tie Necktie Super Rare Collection Forty-Four LustDesign which comes at second number is called Lust. The design and color combination of the necktie is truly depicts its name. Lust has the mixture of three colors in it. Main design is comprised of two colors black and red and the third color is grey. Grey color is used to give the color of shadow. Small red heart at the bottom of the design enhances its beauty. Heart is not too large that you cannot wear it in formal meetings. Overall, it gives a good feeling. This tie is more often worn in the informal gatherings.
  3. Third famous Jerry Garcia Necktie is Who goes there. In this necktie there is a small skeleton, which is hanging within the design. Skeleton is not very obvious in its design but if you look into it deeply, you will get it. This Jerry Garcia necktie is more often used by the adventurous people.

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Selecting a Donald Trump Necktie for a Party

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

Men's Donald Trump Necktie Neck Tie 100% Silk Solid FushciaPeople know him as a necktie manufacturer but he has different personalities in himself. He is a famous TV celebrity, book author and running the real estate business successfully, yes you are right, I am talking about Donald J. Trump. Among all his businesses, no one gave him that much recognition as given by the Donald Trump Neckties. He offers a wide variety of neckties from very fashionable stuff which can be worn at informal bachelor’s party to the most sophisticated designs which can become your choice at a formal executive business meeting. All the designs are beautiful but you need to make a choice when selecting a design for a particular party. We are here illustrating the matters you need to consider when selecting the necktie of this high class brand.

Men's Donald Trump Signature Collection Necktie Neck Tie Blue and Silver PaisleyType of Party

Your body and clothing communicate to others many things about yourself. When you speak at a funeral party, your tone is different from when you speak at a marriage function. Similarly the choice of your necktie should also differ in the same way. It should take into account the contextual factors. For example, a multi color sharp shining tie can be a good choice for a Christmas party but not on the annual general meeting of shareholders of your company.

Men's Donald Trump Signature Collection Necktie Neck Tie Blue and Silver PaisleySize of the Tie

Donald Trump neckties are available at different sizes, but I would suggest you to purchase a necktie with the standard length of 57 inches. In case if you buy a longer necktie, tip of the tie will go beyond your waist and in case of shorter necktie, it will look very awkward.

Fabric of Tie

Perhaps this is the factor all of us consider very keenly when buying a necktie. Although Donald Trump always uses high quality of fabric but there is still many things to be decided by you. Silk gloomy tie can be a good choice for a friend’s gathering but not in the business meeting.

Men's Donald Trump Signature Collection Necktie Neck Tie Pink and Silver PaisleyPrice of Tie

Donald Trump neckties are available at different prizes. You have to weigh up the quality of fabric, looks, beauty of designs and latest trends in your mind when determining whether or not the price is appropriate. You should also consider the intended gathering where you will wear this tie. A $1,000 necktie will not have any worth if you wear it in the gathering where there is no one who can identify its worth. Similarly in the gathering where there are eyes to determine the worth of you necktie, a cheap necktie will let your personality down.

Men's Donald Trump Signature Collection Necktie Neck Tie BlueHands of Neckties

Weight, feel and texture of necktie are called the hands of neckties in this industry. There are two types of hands, print and woven which are offered by the Donald Trump. You need to make your decision according to your own choice. The designs are printed with in the fabric in print ties. This is why they are bit economical than the other hand. Woven ties are heavier, bigger and make big knots.

Donald Trump Neckties ensure the good quality in a wide variety. So, if you consider all the above mentioned factors in selecting the necktie, you will be looking perfect and the same perfection can be availed from in a more fashioned way.

Grace in Designer Neckties

Friday, June 15th, 2012

Men's J. Jerry Garcia Neck Tie Necktie Watercolor Collection Artist Proof No. 5 Thistle GhostNormally people wear silk or woven ties in their daily routine. These are normally branded or non branded neckties which are easily available in the market. We try to select unique and good designs out of the collection of the stores. We don’t wear designer neckties in our daily routine. One reason behind this is the non affordability factor. Other reason is that all of our colleagues buy such kind of stuff so we don’t feel uncomfortable. However, if you tend to meet a businessman for big deal for your employer, you need to look again at yourself. When you are sitting in front of someone, second thing he is focusing after your face is perhaps your necktie. So in my opinion one should have at least one designer necktie for attending such kinds of meetings.

Men's Kenneth Cole New York Necktie Neck Tie Black, Blue, Charcoal, SilverThere are different types and classes of designer neckties. Some designers offer handmade neckties while other offer machine made. But one thing which they ensure is the quality of material and uniqueness of designs. Just like in shirts and pants, there are numerous designers in the neckties industry as well; choice needs to be made by you keeping in view the size of your pocket.

If you can afford, designers design the neckties just for you. In such situations designer produces the necktie keeping in view the complexion, personality, height and weight of your body. This is just like a designer designing the dress for the day of marriage. This is really a nice feeling, isn’t it?

Men's Donald Trump Necktie Neck Tie 100% Silk Solid FushciaNeckties are an important item of your wardrobe and your personality. As I have already mentioned, nothing in your dressing puts such nice impression on the other person as necktie does. Let me share a personal experience. When I went to job interview in which I was selected, I wore a designer necktie. After hello, hi, my boss complimented on my necktie which released all the interview pressure from me and perhaps this was the thing which lead me to the success of interview.

One general perception about the designer neckties is that it is very expensive. I truly agree and there is no second opinion about that. You cannot afford to wear it in your daily routine if you are average salary earner. But having one or two neckties designed by the professional designer really can help you to get benefit of the opportunities of your career.

Men's Michael Kors Necktie Neck Tie Black, Purple and SilverNow huge number of people coming into the fashion industry and good thing is that they are creative in nature. Time has gone when there were very few big names in the market. Now new fashion designers can design your neckties in better way while charging less than the big giants. Some ten years a go there was no trend of wearing neckties in the informal gathering but new designers have changed this concept. Now people wear neckties of slightly different styles in the Christmas party, bachelor’s party and other informal functions.

Designer neckties are in fashion and truly have so much grace and style in it. One, who can afford it, should use them as it is truly value for your money. While looking for designer neckties, you should certainly visit where you are sure to get best quality stuff.

Choosing The Perfect Polo Shirts

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

Polo Shirts- Perfect Fashion Choice

Men's Polo By Ralph Lauren Short Sleeve Polo Shirt White Size LargeSince the fashion world is up, there has always been a varying trend and a massive change has emerged every season. Gone are the days of the 17th century attires. No one is looking to follow that white footwear of Michael Jackson which were once loved by every teenager. There has been a widespread change in the patterns of clothing and footwear. The fashion has its own meanings now that are more changed and more volatile. One thing which has dived into the attire world is the change from more formal look to the casual look. It allowed the introduction of polo shirts into the casual fashion. Once used as uniform by the tennis and Golf players, the polo shirts are more into the fashion now. Owed to the classic designs, less formal but stylish look, unique but simple styles, the polo shirts for men and women have come out to be a popular fashion version.

Polo Shirt Selection

Men's Polo By Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt Short Sleeved Pink, Blue & White Striped w/ Green PonySelecting the best polo shirts depends on what is into the fashion and to what extent you are into the fashion. It means that you should choose that branded polo shirt for you that suits your body in addition to being into the fashion. Here we go for some of the simple to go tips to choose the best and the perfect polo shirt for you.

First of all, we would talk about the color of the polo shirt you’re going to wear and brag of. People with fair skin tone can opt for the pastel colors whereas people with a darker complexion should use the color that does not contrast that much to their colors. The white color is one that suits all types of skin tones.Men's Polo By Ralph Lauren Short Sleeve Polo Shirt Brown with White Stripes

Men's Polo by Ralph Lauren Big and Tall Short Sleeve Polo Shirt Pink with Blue PonyThe polo shirts are available in different shapes and styles. You should select the one according to your body shape. For example, if you have a body enough to show your cuts, you may opt for the tight one with short sleeves whereas bulky people must avoid such shirts. It is better for them to opt for the loose shirts. The size of the polo shirt should also be suggested in according to the fashion trends. The long sleeve polo shirts are quite suitable for the winter seasons while half sleeve and short sleeve would go fine in summers. Now, there are more stylish sleeveless polo shirts that would add dazzle to your personality.

The quality and the brand of your polo shirt speak for your taste of fashion. Whenever you merchandize some polo shirts for you, make it sure that the quality is maintained with its color, size and stitching. The best way is to choose the one with a good brand name. A renowned brand would always come up with finest quality as to the color and the stuff. Moreover, when you buy, return policy should be ensured in case of any defect.

Men's Polo By Ralph Lauren Short Sleeve Polo Shirt Available in Several SizesKeeping all of the above consideration in your book means you would shop your favorite stuff with finest quality. Buying offline from a local market could be an option but buying online is a much better option. Online stores like are selling finest quality polo shirts, especially polo shirts by Ralph Lauren. In addition to this, a sneak peak view would let you find out more branded stuff from Ed Hardy, Jerry Garcia, Dooney and Bourke, Donald Trump, etc. Whether you are looking for men’s polo shirts or women’s polo shirts, every piece is available in outstanding quality.

Polo Shirts- Perfect Fashion Choice