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Designer Handbags- The Elegant Step

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Jessica Simpson Purse Handbag Icon Tote BlackWhat is the difference between designer hand bags and normal handbags? Most of the people will answer; there is no difference as both of them are bags, used in the same manner for same purpose. But I personally think there is a hell of difference. Only that person will agree to this statement, who is fashion lover like me. Like clothes, designer handbags have an important role in the fashion industry.

What differentiate Designer Handbags?

Nine West Purse Handbag Bride BlackDesigner handbags are fashion icon; it has become a status symbol. When a designer manufactures a bag, he considers all the factors in mind. This is why quality of these bags is much better than ordinary handbags. These are always in fashion. Association of designer’s own name creates so much beauty in it. You can walk with grace in the fashion circles of the country carrying your special handbag. All these factors make it most preferred choice of women. Women have a nature of not sharing anything with others. When designer assures them that the handbags they are purchasing are unique in design, quality and material, they love it.

Designer handbags should always reflect your taste and likeness. So choose a handbag which you like the most. Don’t go for a specific designer’s name. Don’t let other people discourage you from buying one handbag that you like the most, their opinion should not matter as it reflects their own tastes and likeness not yours.

 Power of the designer is amazing. People spend weeks in waiting for a collection from a particular designer and spend thousands of dollars in securing their favorite handbag. If you want a famous designer to articulate a handbag for you, you may have to wait for perhaps some years as the waiting list above you is so long.

Can an Average Earner Purchase Designer Handbag?

Women's Michael Kors Purse Handbag Medium Tote RTW JQD Charlton Beige/Camel/LuggageIf you are an average earner, you must be aspiring of purchasing the designer handbag but you cannot do so due to the reason that it’s too expensive. Well, I suggest you to think about it as an investment. A good quality designer handbag can last for years or sometime for decades. If you change one handbag every year and a designer’s handbag can last for five years but it is ten times costly than normal bag, I think you should go for the designer one. I personally do have a designer handbag that my mother purchased twenty years ago. My mother used it for a long time and handed over to me when I started going to high school. It is still very beautiful and in good shape. I have been known as a stylish girl who uses designer handbag. The feeling of having a designer handbag is wonderful. It gives lots of boost to your confidence.

Plenty has been discussed about designer handbags but believe me, you cannot imagine the intrinsic satisfaction of using it until you buy it. I have always visited for not only handbags and wallets but almost the entire stuff I put on! The quality speaks for the items I purchase!

Women’s Wallets- The Elegance and Fashion Display

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Calvin Klein Wristlet Signature Logo Print TaupeThink about one thing which women use and they are not curious about its beauty, fashion and other looks. I bet you won’t be able to find even a single such thing. Women’s wallet is one of the most important items of a woman’s wardrobe and it is something about which women are very enthusiastic. Whether you are a working lady or a housewife, your wallet has a major impact on your appearance. Wallet manufacturers keep this thing in mind while designing the wallet so that wallets can add value to the personality.

Features of Women’s Wallets

Women’s wallets are available in different designs, sizes, materials and qualities. However, there are some features you need to consider while purchasing your wallet because you may or may not like any one of them. Features with which wallets are available in the market are mentioned below;

  • Clutch wallets are proving to be hot favorite of most of the women; you need to decide are you going to go for this type of wallets or simple ones.
  • There are number of factors in which you can compromise, but not quality. Quality is an important and decisive factor in making decision to purchase a wallet.  A low quality wallet will prove to be less durable. So for good quality you can go for a leather wallet.
  • Color is perhaps the most important factor as far as appearance of your wallet is concerned. You need to choose a color which suits your age. For example; a teenager can have a shocking pink wallet but not a retired woman. An under thirty married woman can choose a red or maroon color. If it is running in your mind that wallets are not available in these colors in leather quality, you are wrong. Those days have been passed when leather was just available in black and brown. Now a wide variety of colors is available in this quality.
  • A women’s wallet needs to have some compartments in it. Women may carry some small makeup kit, lipstick, lip glow, compact mirror, ATM cards, passport, driving license etc in it. Size of the wallet will depend upon the number of things she wants to carry in it.
  • Bi fold and tri fold are two types of wallets available in the market. You need to make a decision according to your choice.
  • Zip is the most essential feature of women’s wallet; you must have a zip in your wallet.
  • Some wallets are also available with hidden pockets; you can choose them to give more security to your important items.
  • Everything mentioned above is interlinked with price. You need to make the final decision of purchasing wallet with consideration of buckets in your pocket.

Women’s wallet – A perfect Gift

Juicy Couture Wristlet Regal BlueWallets can be used as an affordable gift item to your friend, sister or girlfriend. When I gift something to my dear one, I tend to select an item due to which I can be remembered every now and then. Wallet is something that a woman use every day, so gifting a women’s wallet can be a very good idea as it will remind her about you almost every day. I always visit whenever I need quality branded fashion wallets either for myself or gifting to others.

Women’s Wristlets- A Beauty Add-on

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Women's WristletsWomen are participating in today’s’ business life in equal proportion to men. They are there at every key post in all the professions of life. Their needs are changed significantly. Now they don’t need to carry many things with themselves and whatever they carry, they want it to be in fashionable manner. So for this purpose use of women’s wristlets started. It’s a small rectangular purse in which women carry small items of their use e.g. small makeup kit, lipstick, lip glow, compact mirror, ATM cards, passport, driving license etc. Women wear it on their wrist through a small strip this is why it is called wristlet.

Women's WristletsWristlets are generally larger than a wallet but smaller than hand bags. They largely differ in sizes but most of the time you will see a size approximately 4 inches wide and 7 inches long. A zip on all the 7 inch length of wristlet makes it a safe thing to carry your needy items. It also contains a strip or you can say it a loop through which carrier hook the wristlet over her wrist.

Women’s wristlet or Handbag

Women's WristletsThere are several benefits of using women’s wristlets over hand bags or wallets. You can put your small important items in it and carry it with you. Even if you are carrying a handbag, you can put these small items in your wristlet and put it in your handbag. In this way you would be able to search your important items quickly from your handbag which otherwise are more likely to be lost due to large size of handbag.

If you are confused now which bag to purchase, a small wristlet or handbag, you can take help from the small comparison below;

  • Wristlets are easy to use as they have wrist cuffs which are not a normal feature of handbags.
  • Due to small size, wristlets are treated more fashionable than normal handbags.
  • They are easy to carry so working women like them as they have to travel in buses or trains. You can also use them when going to a dance club where big hand bag will be a burden for you.
  • Wristlets are less prone to be snatched than its rival i.e. handbag.
  • Wristlets are normally made of cotton, which means they are very easy to clean.

Where to buy Women’s Wristlets

Women's WristletsDifferent retailers sell wristlets in different colors, sizes and brands. These are available from as low as $10 to hundreds of dollars. Handmade wristlets are also becoming more and more famous. But, at the same time, do not get ditched by copy products. Go for branded ones only. You can make it at your own house but wristlets made by professioncal manufacturers are fabricated in an out class way. They are obviously a little expensive than normal ones. You can purchase them from different retailers, brand outlets or through websites. For this purpose you can go to the website of your favorite brand or through other websites like and this is the same I use to visit for my shopping. Some famous brands of women’s wristlets are Coach, Fossil, Vera Bradley, Juicy Couture and Dooney & Buorke

Shopping Men’s Wallets

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

Men's WalletsOnly women are concerned about their clothing, shoes, bags and other accessories and men are not conscious about it. This statement may have been true perhaps just in ancient times. In today’s age, I won’t be wrong if I say that men are more concerned for whatever they wear and carry with them. They are very much concerned about their looks. Irrespective of the fact that you are a businessman or an employee, your wallet is going to have a significant impact on your appearance. Keeping in view these fact men’s wallets are designed to exhibit grace and style in it.

Features of Men’s Wallets

Men’s wallets are available in different designs, sizes, materials and qualities. However, there are some features you need to consider while purchasing your wallet because you may or may not like any one of them. Features with which wallets are available in the market are mentioned below;

  • Men's WalletsA feature that I like the most is to have good number of compartments in it. In this way I am able to manage my different little chits, visiting cards, ATM cards, credit cards and currency notes in different sections. You may have a copy of your national identity card or passport in your pocket for which you may require a safer compartment. Moreover, some people like to keep higher amount currency notes in one compartment (e.g. $100 dollar notes) and other notes in other compartment. So you should check whether the compartments are enough according to your need.
  • Men's WalletsThere are two types of men’s wallets. One is bi fold and other is tri fold. Some people like this tri fold style of wallets but most of the people like to have bi fold wallets due to their small size.
  • Some people like to have one or two zips in the wallet. The zipped compartments of the wallets are considered to be safer place as your documents are less prone to losing risk in it. Some people don’t like it altogether due to some personal reasons.
  • Men's WalletsHidden pockets are also a special feature in the wallet. Some people are very conscious about these pockets and demand a wallet with hidden pocket from the seller while purchasing. This hidden pocket can preserve your important chits, cards or anything else.
  • Men’s wallets are not available in wide diversity of colors. Normally black and brown are treated masculine colors. Most of the people buy these colors but you may have your own choice. But keep in mind that lighter colors are more prone get dirtier than dark colors.
  • Men's WalletsQuality of material of wallet is also a decisive factor. I suggest you not to compromise in this matter. Your wallet contains perhaps the most important things you have and if you use lower quality, it will be tore a bit earlier. For this purpose you can use leather wallets. Quality of leather does not require any introduction.
  • Everything mentioned above is interlinked with price. You need to make the final decision of purchasing men’s wallet with consideration of buckets in your pocket. is a very good website featuring fabulous branded men’s wallets that every man would love to carry with him.

Fashion Doggie Blanket for Your Favorite Pet

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Doggie BlanketsSome people spend more on their pets than their children. They want their dogs to look more and more charming. Your pet is perhaps your best friend and you want him to feel really special. But when you are buying accessories for your dog, do not forget about the necessaries. Doggie blanket should be top of the list of buying any stuff for your dog as it is basic necessity. Dogs are very sensitive and sensible animals, they really feel it when you take care of them.

Need of a Doggie Blanket

Some people may say that dogs do not need such things for comfort. When they wander on the roads in some eastern countries or African forests, they don’t have even a roof on their head. They adapt to those conditions there and can adapt here as well. But as all the humans do not have same physical demographics; dogs also do not have same. Negros is famous for their good physical health, which does not mean Chinese people will have the same physical strength because they are human beings. Similarly, wild dogs are rough and tough and do not need such accessories for comfort, but your dog is a pet who surely needs a doggie blanket in winter.

Usefulness of Doggie Blanket

Doggie blankets provide essential warmness and work like bed for your pet. It avoids your pet from seasonal diseases like cold and having flu. It will relax both you and your pet because without it, your dog will be jumping around here and there in your house for the search of a warm place. If you poke into a blanket used by your pet, you will see a great amount of dog’s hair in it. As your pet spends more of his time in blanket, your sofa cushions, bed sheets and carpets do not get dirty.

You can spread the blanket at a place where your dog loves to lay down. This can be on a chair, coat or chair. If your dog is still getting trained how to live in a house, you can purchase a water proof blanket. It has a water proof backing and it is easier to wash. If your pet goes with you on car, you can carry these blankets and consequently seats of your car will not have any fallen hair of dog. If you have to stay in a hotel, your pet can have a better place for him.

Blankets are affordable

Doggie BlanketsYou don’t need to be a rich person to give comfort to your faithful pet, doggie blankets are available for as low as $2. These are washable so you can wash them in your washing machine after some days. In this way your home, your pet and everything associated with it will remain neat and clean. So don’t allow your furnishings to get ruined by your pet, buy a doggie blanket and make your best friend feel special. Please, take trip of showcasing lots of fashion stuff for you and your favorite pets.

Men’s Toiletry Bags- A Fabulous Utility

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Men's Toiletry BagsMen’s toiletry bags, as the name suggests are mainly used for storing toiletry items. When these bags were first introduced in the market they were just manufactured for feminine segment of population. It was a big hit which forced the manufacturers to target masculine market as well. There are in fact many manufacturers who are specialized in making just men’s toiletry bags. These bags are designed in such a manner that they are very useful for accommodating men’s toiletry ranging from shaving brush, shaving tools and others.

Usefulness of Men’s Toiletry Bags

These items are generally used when travelling as it is very easy to pack your items in it. In absence of these bags, you need to throw your toiletry items in your luggage bag and will have to face the hassle of searching these items when required. Consequently, all the luggage items of your bag will be out of the bag to explore your shaving brush. So having a specialized bag for this purpose is a far better idea.

Nothing can organize your toiletry items in a better way than these bags. Some bags are designed with special hanging system which means you can hang them with bathroom wall, once the items are used. In this way you can save plenty of your time in unpacking and packing your equipment daily.Men's Toiletry Bags

Features to consider when purchasing men’s toiletry bag

Men's Toiletry BagsThese bags do not require a huge investment to be acquired. These are available at affordable rates and its price cannot be the reason of dropping the idea of purchasing them. However, when purchasing perfect men’s toiletry bags, you need to consider following features;

  • The first is quality. A high quality bag should be your preference to avoid buying again and again. These are generally used for travelling where low quality bag will not accommodate your equipment for a longer period. For durability, you can consider the idea of buying a leather bag.
  • These bags are available in plenty of different designs, color, qualities and capacity of accommodating items in it. You should buy a big in which all your toiletries can be fit. For example one who carries his shaving items in the bag needs a bigger bag than a person who just holds tooth brush.
  • Some people like to carry these bags on shoulder like a messenger bag. Some men do not like this feature. So consider the length of stripe of the bag.
  • Color is also a big decision. Normally men like to buy in black and brown but some people like other colors. Keep in mind that the lighter color bags will become dirty soon and you will have to wash them out.

Men's Toiletry BagsThese bags can be used as an affordable gift item to your friend, brother or boy friend. When I gift something to my dear one, I tend to select an item due to which I can be remembered every now and then. This bag is something that men use every day or at least every week, so gifting a men’s toiletry bag can be a very good idea as it will remind him about you almost every day. Please, visit where you would have plenty of fabulous bags to select one for you!

Nine West Handbags and Wallets

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Nine West HandbagsNine West HandbagsWhen you go out from the house, you tend to focus on what you are wearing and carrying. You want everything associated with you to be in fashion. For a woman, her handbag or wallet perhaps is the second main thing people look at after her dress. You can tell a lot about woman by choice of her handbag. Women spend a lot of time in searching in-fashion handbag which suits their personality. In this most volatile industry, they rely on Nine West handbags and wallets because of its numerous styles that match their personality and mood. Starting as a successful luxury shoe wear company, today Nine West is a successful Handbag brand.

Nine West Handbags and Wallets – The Status Symbol