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Common Questions About Women’s Accessories

Friday, January 29th, 2010

All clothing can benefit from accessories to complete the look. But since fashion accessories tend to be more of an afterthought than your clothes, you’ll want to have them ready in your closet, so you can add them right before you run out the door in the morning. Use these tips to build your accessories wardrobe and you’ll always have those last-minute touches when you need them.

A wardrobe of belts

Whether you’re using them to hold up your pants or to cinch in your waist and create curves, women’s belts are one of the most important women’s accessories. Here’s what you need in your belt wardrobe:

  • Black belt: A black belt with a subtle buckle will be perfect with the black and gray trousers you wear to the office. Black leather belts make an excellent professional looking choice.
  • Brown belt: You need a brown belt to wear with khaki trousers, and a brown belt also works well with navy pants and jeans.
  • Wide belt: A wide belt can be worn over dresses and tunics when you want to accentuate or create a waistline. Choose a wide belt in a neutral color or your favorite accent color, like vibrant red or metallic silver.
  • Fashion belts: When you want to dress up a little bit more, you can let fashion belts be a fun accent. A rhinestone belt or a bold belt buckle would dress up your waist for an evening out.

Wallets you’ll love to use

When you’re shopping for wallets, you’re most likely replacing an old wallet. To figure out which wallet is right for you, follow these tips to figure out what you like to carry along with you on a day-to-day basis:

  • First, empty out your current wallet.
  • Now is a good time for a little housekeeping: Throw away old receipts and stamp cards you don’t use and file away any business cards you still need.
  • Decide if you like to carry along all of your credit cards or just one or two, so you know how many card slots you’ll need.
  • Do you like to carry cash and change? You may need a wallet with a coin holder.
  • If you don’t like to leave home without your checkbook, opt for a checkbook wallet that has a place to hold it and everything else.

After you’ve decided what you want to fit into your wallet, you can choose a style. Pick a wallet that matches your handbag or pick a wallet that you just love the style of. You may even want to choose a wallet stylish enough that it can double as a clutch for evening.

Carry your keys in style

Leave nothing unadorned and choose a fashionable key ring. When you have more than just a metal ring for your keys, it’s easier to find your keys at the bottom of your handbag. A key holder that closes around your keys can help protect a delicate handbag lining, so if you’re handbag is lined in satin, you may want to consider one of these. A stylish key chain is more fun to carry around than a plain key ring, so you’ll have something lovely to look at when you set your keys on the counter when you’re checking out at a store or at the salon.

Fits like a glove

Gloves are the best protection for your hands on a cold day; gloves also let you continue to use your hands better than when they are tucked in pockets or covered by long sleeves. For warmth and flexibility, lined leather gloves are an excellent choice. When the temperatures really start to drop, you’ll need winter gloves or mittens to stay warm. You can choose colors and styles of gloves that match your winter coat or you can let your gloves be a pop of color.

Whether you want gloves for style or warmth, you’ll want them to fit correctly. To determine your glove size, use a tape measure over your knuckles and around the palm of your hand.

  • Extra-small: about 6.0 inches
  • Small: about 6.5 inches
  • Medium: about 7.0 inches
  • Large: about 7.5 inches

The best hats for your face

Hats for warmth, hats for sun protection, hats to cover up your hair and hats for style: Women’s hats are available in several different styles. When you’re choosing hats for yourself, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • If you have a round or square face, choose hats with a large brim, either straight or floppy.
  • If you have a long, narrow face, choose hats with low or flat crowns and wide brims to de-emphasize the length of your face.
  • If you have a heart-shaped face, try an asymmetrical hat.
  • If you have an oval face, you are lucky enough to choose any hats you please.
  • If you are tall, you can get away with a large hat.
  • If you are short, choose a small-scale hat, so it won’t overwhelm your figure.

Wrap yourself up in scarves, shawls and wraps

Adding a little extra warmth and color to your outfit is easy to achieve with scarves and wraps. Wrapping these accessories around your neck or shoulders personalizes your outfit and keeps the chill away. Here’s what to look for when you’re shopping:

  • Scarves: If you’re looking for a scarf to wear with a particular outfit, be sure to consider the seasonality of the clothing you’ll be wearing it with. Wool scarves are perfect for winter wear, while silk scarves are better suited for chilly evenings in the spring, summer and fall.
  • Shawls and wraps: Shawls and wraps (two names for the same thing) are larger than scarves, so you can wrap them around your shoulders, torso or waist. Like scarves, you’ll want to consider what the wrap is made of before you buy, so you’ll know if you’re choosing the right amount of warmth for the season when you want to wear it. Silk shawls will be more lightweight, making them perfect for beach cover-ups. Wool shawls and pashmina shawls are better suited for cool weather.

With scarves, shawls and wraps, the most important thing to consider is the size. When you’re online shopping, be sure to check the dimensions and ask yourself if that size will suit the way you want to wear your scarf, shawl or wrap.

Under an umbrella

One of the bright parts of a rainy day is a stylish umbrella. With all of the different colors and prints, you’re sure to find an umbrella that will brighten up a cloudy day. Other than the design, there are a few things you’ll want to consider when selecting an umbrella:

  • Straight handle versus curved: The shape of an umbrella’s handle will affect how you hold the umbrella as well as how you store it.
  • Arc versus dome: The arc is the more common style of umbrella, while the dome shape has a playful feeling. Dome umbrellas are usually clear because they come down farther over your face, while arc umbrellas are available in more pattern and color options.
  • Overall size: Do you want a large umbrella to keep the rain — or the sun — off your face? Or are you more concerned that your umbrella can be shortened enough to fit into your handbag? More than any cute design, the size of your umbrella will determine whether or not you love to use it and remember to bring it along.
Common questions about women’s accessories

Do I need to worry about matching my accessories?

Many women like to have belts that match their shoes and winter hats that match their gloves. Matching accessories gives you a crisp, classic look, but if that’s not your style, you don’t need to match. Keep a consistent look without matching your accessories by sticking to similar styles. For example, if you have a handmade wool scarf, then look for a pair of handmade winter gloves.

How do I care for my wool scarves and wraps?

Just like your wool sweaters, wool scarves and wraps need special care. Be sure to follow the care label, and when in doubt, err on the side of caution. Hand washing and dry cleaning may add an extra cost to your accessories, but they will also add years to the life of your wool accessories. In the warmer months, store your wool accessories in a cedar chest or hanging with a sachet of cedar chips to repel moths.

Should I be concerned about the quality of leather for my belts, gloves and wallets?

When it comes to fashion accessories, many women like to shop for pieces that are trendy and not necessarily made to last a long time. However, if you’re not willing to give up quality, then look for leather accessories which have been made from full-grain leather or top-grain leather for the highest quality.

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Dress for Success Tommy Hilfiger Style

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Tommy Hilfiger is probably best known for his trend-setting, urban fashions with a recognizable rectangle logo. He is an American fashion designer who is world famous. Not only is he famous for his jeans, men’s sportswear, women’s clothing, eye-wear, jewelry and fragrances, but he is also known for his unique designer neckties.
TH burgundy navyTH cranberry blue blendTH palm trees

Hilfiger designs a variety of neckties using his fashion trends and talent that range from sporty to sophisticate. His neckties have a novelty theme along with stylish designs. Some of Hilfiger’s neckties have two separate patterns, one on the front and another pattern for the back flap, and some have his famous logo printed on the tip of the necktie.
TH red blue blendTH solidTH yellow blue
Tommy Hilfiger’s neck wear collection makes a trendy fashion statement that can be worn for a night out on the town or for a day at the office. Whatever your style, color, type or personality, you can bet there is a necktie that will suit you perfectly.

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The Story Behind Jerry Garcia Neckties

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Jerry Garcia, formerly lead singer of the Grateful Dead, has some amazing talent and artistic ability in his collection of neckties. Jerry attended the prestigious San Francisco Art Institute before he joined the band where he crafted his skills and techniques in painting. Those paintings are where he got his original and unique necktie ideas and designs and then transferred them to material, resulting in Jerry Garcia neckties.
Jerry Garcia 43 purple treeJerry Garcia 45 taking a rideJerry Garcia moon mountain
Jerry’s designs amount to around 100 varieties, styles and colors and are a perfect salute to the impeccable expression and visual sense he had. He used bursting and vibrant colors which are appropriate for both formal and work activities. If you own a Jerry Garcia necktie, it is as if you own an original painting.
Jerry Garcia rare lunchJerry Garcia carousel xlngJerry Garcia curves and lines
Jerry Garcia designer neckties are documented and numbered with the collection it came from, as each one has its own identity. They are made from the best 100% silk with colors that will not fade or run. They are also handmade with the highest of quality representing a masterpiece.

Jerry created his neckties to be affordable for everyone to enjoy, and those that wear his designer neckties are making a statement of individuality, presence and power.

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6 Common Mistakes When Purchasing Infant Clothing

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Infant clothing can be some of the most difficult to purchase. Keep in mind the items you purchase should clothe them for about the first year of their life, and longer. Rest assured the clothing part of taking care of an infant is the easiest part.

The following are some common mistakes when purchasing infant clothing and how to avoid them.

Mistake #1 – Purchasing things too small.
While you may like the way your infant looks in that new outfit, be aware that newborns grow very quickly and you’ll want something that can grow with them. You don’t want things fitting too snug or tight as this can make your infant uncomfortable. If they fit perfectly now, chances are they will not be able to wear it long. Buy clothes a little larger, they will grow into them.
Polo Ralph Lauren brn stripePolo Ralph Lauren green navy

Mistake #2 – Purchasing fabrics that don’t give.
You’ll want to purchase outfits with fabrics that breathe. Avoid buying items that are scratchy or stiff. Find something that may be stretchy so it gives your infant room to wiggle comfortably.

Mistake #3 – Purchasing clothes that are dry clean only.
Raising a child is expensive enough; avoid any labels that may have the dry clean only tag. Infants make tons of messes and you’ll want something easy to take care of and easy to wash. Good quality clothing will retain its texture and shape for other babies to come.

Mistake #4 – Purchasing clothes with embellishments.
The last thing you want is for your infant to pull something off of their clothing and put it in their mouth. Avoid buying anything with buttons, drawstrings, sequins or any type of decoration that could be easily removed.

Ralph girls pink dress

Ralph purple girls sweater~

Mistake #5 – Not checking the seams.
Check the garment to make sure the seams lay flat to avoid any further scratching or discomfort.

Mistake #6 – Purchasing items with tight elastic.
Elastic can cause problems especially if it fits too tight. It can irritate your infant’s skin and disrupt circulation. Make sure you try it on you infant or check to make sure the elastic has a lot of stretch to it.

Keep in mind these common mistakes when you’re shopping for your next infant clothing and you can relax and enjoy that precious one.

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Guide for Choosing Trendy Wallets for Women

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Women have been carrying handbags and wallets for centuries and will continue to do so for many years to come. Therefore it is important to make an informed decision when choosing your next wallet.

Women’s wallets are essential and a very important accessory that adds style to your trendy fashions. Men, need an idea for Valentines Day? A beautiful wallet for your woman is an excellent choice.
Coach pink accordian zip walletGuess wallet Osaka slg
• For the classy woman that believes in dressing to the hilt for any occasion – a leather wallet is a perfect choice.
• For the casual women that is laid back and rolls with whatever life may bring – a colorful canvas wallet would be ideal.
• For the social woman that loves going out on the town – a flashy wallet that doubles as a clutch is suitable.
• For the environmentally conscious woman – a wallet made out of natural fibers is a trendy choice.
Liz Claiborne Striped Canvas

You could never go wrong with purchasing more than one wallet. You might opt for matching your wallets with your handbags and trendy clothes.

Whatever your lifestyle, fashion style or day-to-day events, there is a wallet that will suit your needs and show off that personality at the same time.

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9 Tips for Choosing a Men’s Wallet

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Men’s wallets are necessities to staying organized, stylish and efficient; therefore it is important to consider all your options when choosing the perfect wallet for your needs.

The following are some tips to consider when making your wallet selection.

1. Style

Are you a Tri-fold or Bi-fold kind of guy? Tri-folds will give you ample room for a variety of items and are usually thicker. Bi-folds are a bit larger and are usually less bulky in your back pocket. Think of comfort as well and how it fits in your pocket.

Kenneth cole with key ringMens Polo Ralph Lauren passcase

2. Money Compartments

Most wallets will have a variety of one or two compartments for your money. If you are really organized and want to separate your bills, then the two compartment option is the way to go. If you have no preference and want all your bills in one place then choose the one compartment option.

3. Identification Section

Select the identification area as to where you prefer having your ID positioned. Some wallets may hide it somewhat while others make it convenient and place that section predominately.

Ralph Lauren wallet with logoTommy Hilfiger trifold blk and brn

4. Coins

Select a wallet that will add in your organization by having a coin compartment. Some wallets offer this option to keep you from having to carry loose change in your pocket.

5. Material

Generally most men’s wallets are made out of leather as it is one of the most durable lasting materials. For the man that prefers something that will last, a designer wallet is an excellent choice. For the athlete and active man, plastic or nylon are great options.

6. Card slots

Are you someone who has tons of credit cards? Then you’ll want to find one that offers many slots to accommodate all those important cards. These additional slots can be used for things other than credit cards as well; gift cards, dining cards, discount cards, etc.

7. Color

While most men’s wallets are made out of leather and are typically brown or black, there are many options for color as well. Go bold and choose something that fits your personality and sense of style.

8. Brand

The brand of wallet is just as important to your style and necessity. With wallets ranging anywhere from Ralph Lauren, Kenneth Cole and Tommy Hilfiger, you will be able to find the brand you are accustomed to, or would like to purchase. Most of these designer wallets will have their logo on the wallet of your choice thereby showcasing your taste and style.

9. Photos

Are you a proud father or grandfather that prefers to show off those precious pictures? Then select a wallet that will allow you to carry pictures. Some wallets may have the option of carrying a lot of photos while others may only carry a few. Most wallets will allow you to remove this feature if you decide not to carry pictures, or just want to change it up some.

As you can see, there are many options to consider and varieties of men’s wallets to choose from. We’ve made it easier for you to choose, go here and check it out:

Occasions for Wearing a Necktie

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

Choosing the right occasion to wear a necktie can be a bit confusing at times. When should you wear a necktie?

Men’s fashion trends are constantly changing, so here are some tips for knowing when to wear a necktie.

1. Mementos Occasion
Wear a necktie in honor of a huge celebration. Occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, weddings or baptisms are big and important necktie affairs. A family party honoring someone for a big accomplishment or something similar shows your respect by wearing a necktie. Any time something is presented on a grand and huge scale, a necktie is appropriate. Not only do you show your respect and honor towards that individual, but you also pay respect to the host or hostesses and all their trouble for putting together such a big celebration.
Donald Trump blue silverDonald Trump red blend
2. Business
Look professional when you go to purchase a new car, applying for a bank loan, attorney meeting or job interview. Wearing a necktie shows you are a business-minded person that takes your work or business affairs very seriously. Plus…you look sharp!
Jerry Garcia ButterflyJerry Garcia Rare Edition
3. Date
Getting ready to propose? Or, just want to show your significant other a romantic, night on the town? You may be considering an evening at the opera or theatre, a great time to show off some of those cool neckties. Surprise your gal by showing up in an awesome necktie. It will blow her away!

4. Funeral
I know, it is a very sad situation but does need to be mentioned. What better way to pay your respects than wearing a necktie? Wear dark colored neckties to show your condolences, sympathy and respect.

Before you step out for that all important dinner party or going to meet someone new, add a cool necktie to show off your savvy, sexy and trendy fashion-sense. You will certainly be remembered in a positive and attractive way. Women love a man in a necktie!

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Tips for Purchasing a Handbag over the Internet

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Handbags are plentiful online and can be a bit tricky when purchasing them over the internet. There are many varieties of handbags with some being authentic and others being replicas. If you are interested in purchasing an authentic handbag, be careful and do your research to make sure you are getting what you paid for.

The following are some excellent tips in finding a trusted website for authentic handbags.

1. Research and ask for referrals or recommendations.
You might want to consider asking a trusted friend what website they purchased their handbag from. If that is not an option, perform detailed research of that handbag website that offers the handbag of your choice. One suggestion is to locate an address and phone number, and those that do no supply this information cannot be trusted. Most trusted sites will supply this information and when in doubt, call them.

2. Authenticity.
If it is an authentic handbag you are wanting, then make sure they have valid proof of that. Those selling authentic handbags will have that information proudly and prominently displayed on their site.
Coach purse linenDooney & Bourke purse
3. Quality.
The brand name of an authentic handbag exhibits quality without having to be reminded. Beware of websites that continually tell you they are of high-quality. You know that if you are purchasing an authentic handbag.

4. Overseas purchases.
So many overseas websites claim to be selling true and authentic handbags when in fact they are not. They may appear real by having the logo or tags associated with authenticity but in fact are selling illegal products. Do not purchase handbags from an overseas vendor.
Tommy Hilfiger purseWomens Nine & Co purse
5. Guarantee.
There should always be a money back guarantee proudly displayed on the website. This gives you confidence in knowing that you are dealing with a trusted vendor that will not hesitate to refund your money if you are not satisfied. Be sure to know their return policy.

6. Delivery.
Once you have finally received that long-awaited handbag, be sure to inspect it closely to ensure it is what you ordered. If not, ask for a refund promptly.
xoxo purseWomens Pink Coach Purse
You can certainly find trusted websites to purchase your handbags from which affords you the convenience you are ultimately seeking. Be aware, smart and savvy and if it looks too good to be true—it probably is. Trust your instincts when purchasing online and use the above tips to ensure your purchases.

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Neckties for the Fashionable Woman

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Neckties are a great fashion statement especially for women. Women enjoy adding them to their wardrobes as a way making a trendy fashion statement or in search of adding new flare to an old wardrobe. There are a wide variety of colors, styles and designs that would suit all women and compliment your style and fashion sense, while at the same time remaining trendy and fashionable.

smiling lady with blue tie

lady standing on phone

Whether you decide to wear a necktie in a provocative fashion, as a savvy business woman or as an accessory, Jerry Garcia ties add flare, imagination and a blast of color to enhance any wardrobe.

Some of the more popular ways to wear neckties would be on top of a T-shirt, tank top or turtleneck or simply loose around a tailored shirt for the suited look.  You may try wearing the necktie as a belt or sash with causal pants or jeans.  Try wearing the necktie around your hair as a headband or use to tie up in pony tail.  The possibilities are endless.

japanese girl

Halle Berry

Neckties can provide several options for women wanting to be trendy, fashionable and fun without costing a fortune.

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How to Clean Patent Leather Bags & Purses

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Do you own a patent leather handbag and need to know how to clean it?  You’ll find it amazing to see how simple the process actually is in this short video.  So sit back and enjoy!!

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