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New Year….New YOU!

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

As we approach the New Year most people tend to evaluate their life to find some room for improvement and they will use the stroke of midnight on January 1, 2010 as their starting point! 

New Year's Eve 2010

For many people, their New Year’s resolution is to get into better physical shape by hitting the gym regularly or watching their diet.  Others look to tackle a big project such as renovating a room in their house, or maybe even renovating their life by deciding to follow a personal dream or goal they’ve been putting off for years!  But, your resolution doesn’t have to be a big one; it can be something small, like cleaning up that messy garage, yard or closet!  Whatever your resolution is to improve in 2010, just making that effort is always a step in the right direction!

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I sincerely wish you and your family a happy and healthy New Year!  May 2010 bring you all the best! 

Happy New Year! 

One Rock Legend Covering Another Rock Legend….Tangled Up In Blue!

Monday, December 28th, 2009

The name Jerry Garcia and Bob Dylan are both known worldwide as rock legends.  What could be better than one rock legend covering another rock legend’s song?  Check out this video of Jerry Garcia covering Bob Dylan’s song Tangled Up In Blue.  It’s a classic which originally appeared on Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks album in 1975 and was ranked by Rolling Stone as #68 of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time!  For all of you Jerry Garcia fans, you’ll love to see him covering it in 1990.  Enjoy!

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Mens Fashion: How To Match Ties to Suits & Shirts!

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

Guys, we know you take pride in how you look!  You want to look your best while you DO your best and work hard!  Whether you’re a CEO or a salesman, maintaining a professional appearance is important!  The perfect necktie can make an amazing impression and its important to know how to pull it all together. 

If you’ve ever wondered what colors match the best or how to properly coordinate your suit, we’ve got just what you need!  If you follow these guidelines you’ll stay on the right track to looking your best!


Plain White Shirts
A shirt is like a canvas.  If you really want to show off your necktie put it on a clean white shirt, and watch the reaction you get.  Any color tie goes with a white shirt.  If you are ever in doubt, wear a white shirt.

Solid Color Shirts
Solid or single color shirts such as pale blue, pale yellow, pale tan, and the rest of the color spectrum requires a little thought.

First, you can match the same color shirt and tie, this has been done for decades and it is still a valuable option.  However, what if you don’t want to match, well the easiest thing to do is coordinate.  Coordinating doesn’t really take a lot of mastery, it simply means matching two different colors that go well together.


Pale blue shirt: Yellow, red, burgundy, gold or navy tie.
Pale pink shirt: Navy blue or burgundy tie.
Pale tan shirt: Brown (or any shade of brown) tie.
French blue shirt: Yellow, bright red, deep burgundy or gold tie. 

Striped Shirts
Looking for a bit of challenge? Try a striped shirt.

First, look at the shirt from a distance and decide on what color you primarily see.  Based on this color, add a coordinating color tie.  However, be careful, the best coordinated look for a striped shirt needs to be in the pattern AND color.  For example, if you see mostly navy blue stripes, add a yellow tie with a box pattern or a pin dot or polka dot pattern.  Today, you can even add a beautiful paisley pattern.

What did we just do? Well, we took the stripes and set them off with boxes, paisley or dots.  By doing this, we broke up the stripes on the shirt and introduced a breaking point which is a dissimilar pattern.

You can even use diagonal stripes, just make sure that the stripes of the shirt and the stripes of the tie are two different sizes.  Generally by two different sizes we mean at least a 2:1 ratio.  If the stripes on the shirt are 1/4 inches, go with a tie that has stripes at least 1/2 inch.  This will help the tie stand out rather than become a blur with the shirt.

Checkered Shirts
Coordinating a tie to a checkered shirt is the same as coordinating a tie to a striped shirt.  The same rules apply, but in reverse.  First, take a look at the shirt and decide on what the pronounced color is, then coordinate a matching color for the tie.  Make sure the tie has in this case, diagonal stripes.  This will make the checkered shirt look wonderful.  Additionally, you can still use a pattern of boxes or dots on the tie, but again, make sure that the boxes or dots are larger than the check pattern.

How to Match a Tie To a Suit
Coordinating a tie to a suit is very much like coordinating a tie to a shirt.  There are 2 elements to consider.  You need to consider first coordinating a color that goes with the suit, and then once you have decided on the color, look at the pattern.

Again the same rules apply.  If the suit is one solid color, the job is easy.  Put any solid color tie, or any color that coordinates well with any pattern that you like.

If the suit has chalk stripes, you know those faint thin stripes, then you can simply just follow the same rules as if the suit were a solid color.

If the stripes are very pronounced, wear any color tie that coordinates well with any pattern tie, except for stripes.

How to Bring It All Together
If you haven’t noticed, we have used the words match and coordinate very differently.  Matching means the same, whereas coordinating means complimenting.  Therefore, when bringing it all together, try not to overdo the patterns.  A striped, checked or hounds-tooth suit requires a solid colored shirt and a patterned tie.  For a solid color suit you can add a patterned shirt with a patterned tie, as long as the patterns differ.

Source: Necktie Aficionado 

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2010 Womens Fashion: The HOTTEST Color Trends!

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Many things can affect fashion trends each year….Even the challenging economic times have made an impact on fashion! Colors that have been spotted on recent catwalks reflect the tough economic times and as a result you will see lots of dark, deep and nature-inspired tones:  Black, Grey and Metallics, Cream, Crimson, Burnt Sienna, Electric Blue….

  BlackMetallic GreyCreamCrimsonBurnt SiennaElectric Blue




But you don’t necessarily need to buy a new wardrobe in these HOT tones, you can start small….with ACCESSORIES! Accessories are a fun, creative and cheap way to express yourself and infuse the hottest colors into your fashion style! Just a few ways to accessorize with these trendy 2010 tones are wearing a scarf as an accent, beaded jewelry, hats, bangle bracelets, belts, handbags or shoes!

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Womens Wallets: Accent Your Style With The Perfect Accessory!

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

Ladies, we all know the importance of finding the perfect handbag.  But don’t forget another very important accessory inside of that cute little bag….a TRENDY wallet

Think about it….the way most of us shop, our wallets get just as much attention as our handbags since we take them out so often at the cash register!  Don’t overlook your wallet as a very important fashion statement!  After all, it keeps your most valuable things organized in a very cute little package! 

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Holidays….a time for FAMILY!

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

No matter what holiday you celebrate this season, gathering together with family is usually a large part of the celebration. We get to spend time with the people we love. Not only are we celebrating the meaning of the holiday itself, but also recognizing what matters most, FAMILY! And of course, another great reason to gather our family together is all of the great family recipes that usually come along with the celebration!  


Holiday Dinner Table


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Tattoo Your Fashion Style! Artistic & Creative Apparel Designed Exclusively By Tattoo Master, Ed Hardy!

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Perhaps you want a tattoo, you might even have one already or maybe you just appreciate the creativity of tattoo art!  No question about it, tattoos make a statement to everyone around you!  Within the world of tattoos, the name Ed Hardy stands alone as a tattoo master!  Now his creative artwork is available to you, except this “tattoo” can be seen by everyone because its part of a trendy line of mens and womens apparel!

Ed Hardy has created an exclusive line of apparel which features creative tattoo-inspired designs!  Every item is an eye catcher and shows the world that you have your own artistic and unique style!  Just like a tattoo, but without the commitment! 

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A Southern California native born in 1945, Hardy revived a childhood determination to become a tattoo artist and underwent a tattoo apprenticeship while simultaneously receiving a B.F.A. degree in printmaking at the San Francisco Art Institute in 1967. Tattooing professionally since then, he developed the fine art potential of the medium with emphasis on its Asian heritage. In 1973 he lived in Japan, studying with a traditional tattoo master – the first non-Asian to gain access to that world. He resumed these studies in Japan throughout the 1980s. Since 1974 he pioneered the emphasis on unique tattoo commissions at his San Francisco studio.

In addition to showing his own works, Hardy has curated a number of exhibitions for both galleries and nonprofit spaces and frequently lectures at museums and universities. His work has appeared in numerous periodicals, books, and films internationally.

Ed Hardy

Life, Art and Philosphy – Artist’s Statement

I took up the practice out of a combination of economic necessity and artistic curiosity. It was an option that would give me both a challenge and an opportunity to be an independent agent and develop its potential as an expressive medium. At the same time, it’s “outsider” status was hugely compelling. Tattooing in the 1960’s was the most formally undeveloped and socially provocative medium I could think of, relegated in the public perception to the underworld of sailors, bikers and criminals. It seemed absurd to me that the tools of tattooing, the pigments, machines and the designs made with them were being used in such a limited fashion. Far-flung sociological and philosophical speculation aside, tattooing is a commercial art in contemporary Western society. I wanted to become successful at the business itself and simultaneously grow as an artist. Happily, these two forced went hand in hand. With the trust and encouragement of many others in the field, as well as legions of clients bringing me their concepts and skins, it has been an amazing and fulfilling journey.

There is no pat answer to the questions “What do people get tattooed?” any more than asking “Why do people make art?”. It’s primal and offers unlimited potential discourse. At its base, as with all other arts are play, irrationality and mystery. In a well-known statement, Picasso said that “the goal is not to find, but to seek”. By developing hand/eye coordination and learning to trust our intuition, we can aim at a state of transmission and transcendence which gives physical form to subtle forces and have some fun along the way. Regardless of the medium, the works left behind are clues to the invisible man or woman.

Source: Hardy Marks Publications 


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2010….Hottest Fashion Trends To Follow!

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

Now is a great time to evaluate your style….Are you following the hottest trends? Here are some of the most popular fashion trends for 2010 which have already been spotted on the runways, celebrities and on the streets! 2010 is definitely an exciting and sexy year for fashion!

High Boots
Over-the-knee boots proved to be a must have for Fall 2009 and those daring enough will take their boots even higher with thigh-high boots. Pair thigh-high boots with a classy outfit and the look is very chic. Most high boots feature rich suede or dark-colored leather and both chunky and thin heels are in fashion!

Thigh-High Boots

Thigh-High Boots







One-shouldered dresses are appearing all over the red-carpet events. As a result, you will find tops and bikinis that follow this trend as well. Showing off one-shoulder in a dress can be subtly sexy yet remain elegant.

One-Shoulder DressOne-Shoulder Dress








Ripped Jeans
Yes, ripped and shredded jeans are back! The return to pop culture started in 2008 with sexy ripped jeans appearing in many magazines and celebrity sightings and now the trend is starting to appear on the streets.

Ripped JeansRipped Jeans









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Making A Statement By Wearing A Piece Of Art! Unique Men’s Neckties Inspired By The Original Artwork Of Jerry Garcia….

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

The name Jerry Garcia is legendary in the world of rock music. As the lead guitarist and one of the principal vocalists and song writers for The Grateful Dead, he developed a cult following of very dedicated fans. And though Jerry Garcia passed away in 1995, his legacy lives on….

 Jerry Garcia

But not many people know this famous musician was also an artist; in another sense. Did you know that Jerry Garcia was a painter? In addition to being a rock star, Jerry Garcia was also an introspective visual artist whose drive to express himself went well beyond his legendary rock concerts. He studied at The San Francisco Art Institute and continued to paint and draw while focusing on his career as a musician.

Jerry Garcia created nearly 500 pieces of art between 1985 and 1995 using watercolor, pencil, airbrush and digital media, to name a few. During the last few years of his life Jerry had several art shows in different cities in the United States, and sold hundreds of his original works and thousands of lithographs. Jerry often attended these shows and enjoyed meeting people who shared his interest in the visual arts.

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12-9 – 2 $25 Give-away Winners Announced Here

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Thanks again to everyone for your support!  You guys are awesome and I’m glad to know each and every one of you!

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