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I have been doing $50 give-aways for the the past several months
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rich cupcakes
*4/30/2010 – 2 – $25 winners!! Congratulations to Rich Best @rtbest and Marybeth @cupcakes5 on Twitter

*3/31/2010 – 1 – $50 winner  Congratulations goes to Vicki Berry @vickiberry on Twitter


Do you need a gift for a friend or family member??  Birthdays, special occasions…these things are happening all the time so it would be great to be prepared!  Here’s a wonderful opportunity to get a jump start on your every day shopping!

I will announce the winner here on my blog, facebook and twitter!

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Shopping Elegant and Unique Guess purses for women

Women's Guess Purse Handbag Kym BlackWomen's Guess Purse Handbag Jett BrownBeing spotted with a Guess purse these days is a simple way to recognition. Women love stylish things, purses are no exception. Though there are many purses for women in the market, it is only the Guess purses and a few others which have managed to gain a worldwide recognition. As such, they are often associated with success, fashion consciousness, high self esteem, style and quality. In most American and Canadian fine and specialty stores, you can easily spot Guess purses and other range of apparel for women, men and children. That said, all reasons as to why every modern woman would want to get herself a Guess purse are evident. What is imperative is to know how to get one, what to look for and how to get best deals.

Women's Guess Purse Handbag Alize BlackThe Guess purses for women are available in different sizes, shapes and colors. For instance, there are the ones with unusual shapes but with trendy and stylish designs. However, they are considered one of the most fashionable because they appear perfect despite their unusual shape. You might consider looking at some of them in a store near you to identify one that is suitable for you. Forget the shapes, the Guess purses are the purses to beat when it comes to design. They often come in trendy and stylish designs which are not overdone.

Women's Guess Purse Handbag Elda Tote RoseThey also come in different colors to give you diversity when looking for the one of your choice. Color, just like many other things, is often subjective; the color you like might not be the one the next person likes and so on. As such, the purses come in many colors to enable you get the one of your choice. Be sure to go for colors that can match well with your clothes- that are just but a tip.

Since Guess purses for women are becoming the most liked by day, it is important to get yourself one that is genuine and at a good price. As an informed buyer, you should not be among the gullible lot that buys counterfeit Guess purses at the same prices as original ones. There are even others who buy genuine Guess purses but at very exorbitant prices. This is brought about by the fact that these purses are highly demanded. As such, most businessmen stock counterfeits in order to make a profit. To avoid buying counterfeit, consider buying your purse from an authorized vendor. On matters of price, you might consider looking at the various prices by various sellers and make a comparison. You should be able to buy your Guess purse from a store that sells it at a fair price.

Women's Guess Purse Handbag Niagra Falls TaupeThough going round to various stores checking for prices might be time consuming, it is worth the time as you might save some few bucks by buying from a store like that sells at a fair price.

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Jerry Garcia Long Neckties – Serious ties for a serious impression

Jerry Garcia Tie XL Extra Long Collection 59 Poet Absorbs WarJerry Garcia Neck Tie XL EXTRA LONG Collection 50 Modern FurnitureLet’s be serious about Jerry Garcia Long Neckties – the tie makes the suit. If you’re going to dress smart or formal, you need to wear a tie, and it’s the tie that catches peoples’ attention and personalizes the overall look. Even a really staid, ordinary suit becomes part of the statement in personal taste if the tie is innovative or outrageous, such as Jerry Garcia ties are.

Technical specs of Jerry Garcia Long Neckties

Jerry Garcia Tie XL Extra Long Collection 58 Aztec ObjectsThe important point about these ties is that they’re long, like the name says, up to 58 inches. That’s plenty of play, so you won’t look like you borrowed someone else’s or you had to budget for a kiddie’s size. People might not like to admit to this, but a tie that is too short is an eyesore. You don’t pitch up for the occasion wearing a napkin around your neck. It looks somehow comic, like a clown missing his make-up. Jerry Garcia ties are especially long, and a long time that hits the belt buckle is somehow a statement of confidence, of a man who’s in charge and who doesn’t take half measures.

These ties also made of pure silk, which is attractive, pleasant to handle, and the epitome of fine manufacture. The tradition of wearing a tie has the silk version as its highest achievement. Polyester is for the temps. Cotton is for the manager. But the CEO chooses nothing other than the silkworm’s masterpiece. It doesn’t get more serious than these Jerry Garcia Long Neckties.

Designs of Jerry Garcia Long Neckties

Jerry Garcia Neck Tie Landscape Collection 55 XL Extra LongThe designs on Jerry Garcia Long Neckties are based on the artwork of Mr Garcia himself. He was an expressive, creative person, and the people who wear them are accessing that creativity and freedom of spirit. As performance artist, his designs represent the euphoria and self-assurance of a live show, and putting on one of these ties broadcasts that sentiment to the people around the wearer.

OK, enough of the art-speak. These ties are, in the simple language of everyday business, really good to look at. They are loaded with unrestricted color, exciting patterns and interesting detail. Hey, if you’re going to wear a tie, why not wear one that people are going to enjoy looking at? If you’re not a politician, an undertaker or a judge, why would you try to use your dress sense to turn yourself into a walking sedative? It’s the tie that tells people what your attitude is to an occasion. It isn’t just about impressing other people or looking good. Fashion is entertainment too, and these ties are a silken show with a topknot.

Jerry Garcia Neck Tie Limited Edition Courtyard PerformancePeople often compliment a man on his tie. But how many times do they do that merely as a matter of course? With Jerry Garcia Long Neckties, it’s far more likely that they’re being serious. If you’re interested in taking this seriously too, take some time to browse the ties at

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Matching Sean John Neckties to Your Clothing

Men's Sean John Necktie Neck Tie Paisley Black, Yellow and SilverMen's Sean John Necktie Neck Tie Black, Red and SilverThe first step to consider when looking for the best selection is the patterns and colors for each item. The key here is to get a non-boring look that is unique, but nevertheless harmonizes well together. Both colors and patterns must be considered when matching a Sean John necktie to shirt and suit.


Men's Sean John Necktie Neck Tie Pink and BlueCreating a unique and exciting look doesn’t mean to dress like a parrot by any means. Before choosing colors that might look well on each clothing item on an individual basis, it is important to choose colors that harmonize. To do this pick colors that are in the same family, and are closely related. This does not mean that you should only dress in shades of blue. Doing this would look a little strange and/or boring. What related color families mean is to choose colors that have some of the same base colors in them. As you might know, colors are made from three main colors: Magenta (red), Cyan (blue), and Yellow.

You don’t have to be a color expert to match your clothing. As a little trick, place your clothing over a chair or on your bed, and see how the colors look together before putting any clothing item on and doing this will help to compare different colors in order to get the best selection.

Combining patterns

Men's Sean John Necktie Neck Tie Black and SilverNow that you have an idea about matching colors, have a look at the patterns. Choosing different patterns in your clothing is a great way to add more style. If you are a daily suit and tie wearer, than chances are that sooner or later you will get bored with the same old dark gray suit, and white shirt look – the look that 90% of your office will wear to work each day.

Men's Sean John Necktie Neck Tie Black, Purple and SilverNow that you have come to know all about wearing and matching Sean John Neckties, this is the time to shop the same. You may grab one from your local store but getting short of time? Isn’t that? This is where online stores come into assistance and offer a wide range of products that you are looking for. Getting genuine Sean John neckties is another issue that you might have to come up with. Don’t pay even a dime for the one that you are not intended to use. Wearing a genuine necktie delivers a long lasting impression. This calls for shopping from a reliable online store like to grab the deals from.

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The Women’s Coach Handbags Fashion

Women's Coach Purse Handbag Soho Signature North South Tote Khaki/MahoganyWomen's Coach Purse Handbag Poppy Quilted Ski Bunny Crossbody Hobo BerryWomen’s Coach Handbags is a fashion brand that is known primarily for its handbags and accessories. It is one of those fashion brands that stays away from fashion clothing and focuses wholly into fashion accessories. The purses and handbags that the brand offers for men and women are wonderful, high quality bags that come in a mid price range. If you are looking for a brand that will not make you spend in thousands but offer you a chic, sophisticated accessory that you could flaunt in stylish affairs, Coach Handbags would be the best bet.

Women's Coach Purse Handbag Signature Multi Color Tote KhakiAs a company, Coach is a brand that is undergoing a season of change. With its creative head Reed Krakoff having departed, the company is taking certain steps to change the positioning of its products. Vevers of Mulberry and Loewe fame will be stepping in and he is starting the turnover for the brand. The company is removing its stand alone stores and focusing more on fashion savvy products that might move closer toward the high priced fashion accessories segment. If you love the handbags designs that Coach has to offer, you will surely love the fresh new looks that have been unveiled for 2014.

Women's Coach Purse Handbag Peyton Embossed Patent Leather Tote Magenta/TanThere is a line of orange tinted purses and handbags among the women’s Coach Handbags collection. You can take a look at the Coach Ombre Signature collection which offers several designs in ombre and orange shades. There is an ombre framed clutch in this collection which comes in embossed calfskin. The leather trimming and its tie dye twill feature makes this clutch stand out among others. It is a must addition for summer evening parties. If you are looking for a bag that could work as a weekend bag and help you carry essentials to the beach, the large soft tote bag in this collection will suit you fine. It has side pockets as well as turn lock closure. It is a summery tote bag to own and can be a great item to add to your summer collection.

For more sophisticated shades and bag designs, turn to their latest 2014 collection. The Madison leather range has a large number of stylish and sophisticated designs to offer. Even though the design are often without embellishments or elaborate designs, they stand out in their simplicity and high end finish and use of leather and other luxury materials. The soft borough napa bag is a favorite among many ladies as it is a stylish yet functional bag to carry around. For smaller shoulder bags, the Madison leather Carlyle range is a must look. The soft leather finish with the subtle pink shades makes these ladies bags a favorite with many customers.

Coach Womens Purse Handbag Leather Book Tote Petal/white 13083Women's Coach Purse Handbag Signature Patent Leather Tote WhiteIf you are looking for the perfect women’s Coach Handbags, you are welcome to get your best selection at We have a great selection of from brands that are surely offer the best. You will find your best selection in no time.

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Paisley Print Neckties For Men

Men's Geoffrey Beene Paisley Neck Tie PurpleMen's Duchamp Neck Tie Black PaisleyNew Paisley Print Neckties for Men thin and narrow ties come in an array of colors and patterns. Some look like slimmer versions of their standard width counterparts. Others might appear dated but not the skinny black tie. The skinny Outland Floral – Red (Cotton Skinny) tie looks fabulous and will always look fabulous because it is a classic. And classics never go out of style. Some fashionistas maintain that the skinny Relic Paisley – Purple (Cotton Skinny) tie thing has been overdone and that they don’t belong as a fashion classic, but that simply isn’t the case.

Duchamp Mens Neck Tie Blue and Purple PaisleyTrue, they have been embraced by the restaurant industry as a uniform standard, but that fact in itself only confirms their popularity. The key is moderation and finding the right skinny black tie. Stay away from leather and stick with silk or polyester microfiber. Textured and jacquard fabrics add interest. Choose a width which complements your frame. Three inches is a safe bet. Skinny Relic Paisley – Purple (Cotton Skinny) look great when paired with a classic suit and button down shirt. The color Purple goes with everything, so experiment until you find the right combination. Just think about Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Peter Law-ford and how sophisticated they looked in the 50’s. The same holds true today.

Men's David Donahue Paisley Neck Tie Red BlendSome men don’t look good in skinny ties. Large proportioned men have a hard time pulling off the Print Neckties look. Their size only emphasizes the slim nature of the tie. The same goes for men with broad shoulders. That is not to say that they can’t appear to be wearing narrow Print Neck ties. They just need to stay away from the super skinniness. A twee Print skinny tie is no wider than three inches across, but 3 % inches may do the trick for those of you who are fashion conscious.

Men's David Donahue Paisley Neck Tie Pink BlendOther men will always look good in Paisley Print Neckties for Men . In fact, men of smaller stature may actually look better wearing narrow Print ties over those of standard width because of their body type. Slender and youthful types look great in thin Print ties for the same reason big men don’t. It’s about proportion and getting it right. Take the time to figure out what type of men’s Paisley Print Neckties work best for you. If you can, start with the slimmest Print ties and go from there until you find a happy medium. Of course, the narrower the tie the trendier it may appear, so choosing Paisley Print Neckties around 3 inches wide will give you the most years of wear.

Men's Duchamp Neck Tie Black Multi-Colored PaisleyThese are but some of the reasons Print neckties continue to be popular today. In the right context and under the right circumstances, they are here to stay. Anyone interested in Print black ties can find them online when searching for “Paisley Print Neckties for Men”.

If you are looking for the perfect Paisley Print Neckties for Men, you are welcome to get your best selection at We have a great selection of from brands that are surely offer the best. You will find your best selection in no time.

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Designer Jeans for Men

Men's Shady Loose Fit Denim Jeans Size 28For decades Designer Jeans for Men have been coveted by those in love with fashion, as well as by those who are frankly baffled by it. The vast majority of people have no idea how the typical “fashionista” can come up with their creative and trendy outfits; they can also be very confused as to how to get the look for themselves. When designer jeans first came on the market decades ago, they were seen as a boon to those who wanted to be hip, and were clueless as to how to achieve that look.

Men's Joe's Jeans Honey Fit Distressed Denim Blue Jeans Size 31WDesigner jeans take the guess work out of getting dressed, and looking current. The average person needs only to put on a pair of expensive jeans, a plain t-shirt and some shoes, and they are ready to face the world. There is no need to worry excessively over mixing patterns, colors, or images. Throwing on a pair of designer jeans instantly makes the average human being look cool. Of course, no one said it would be easy to pick out the right pair for your body type. This is where the help of a good friend and a professional can make all the difference.

Men's Harlem Jeans Blue Denim Size 38x34 Limited EditionToday’s Designer Jeans for Men come in a huge array of cuts and styles. While wearing a great pair of denim takes the guesswork out of appearing hip, if they are not suitable for your body’s frame, the results will be more tragic than not. The biggest problem most people don’t realize that they have is wearing jeans that actually fit. It sounds simple, but it is not. Most of us cannot visually see how our own bodies are shaped. This is where the good friend and professional salesperson come into play. Having an objective person make sure that your new denim fits is incredibly important. The next issue is finding jeans that are appropriate for your body type. Again, the objective eye will really come in handy here. Hopefully a friend would not allow you walk out of the store with a $200 pair of skinny jeans when you still need to drop thirty pounds.

Men's Buffalo Straight Leg Antique Wash Denim Blue Jeans Size 38W x 32LMost of us look to Designer Jeans for Men as a way to play up, or to draw attention away from our “assets”. Some good rules of thumb to keep in mind when finding that perfect pair of denim is to be very aware of the back pockets. Their placement can have a dramatic effect on the way your derriere appears. For example, pockets sewn up high near the waist can make your butt look lower than it is. Little pockets, or ones placed far apart can make your rear end look huge. Always avoid overly embellished jeans as well, as they also can make your rear end look gigantic!

Designer jeans are here to stay, and with good reason. They bring high end fashion to the everyday consumer, and they are also an easy way to ramp up your look without having to put too much thought into it. From hipsters to housewives, high end denim is an easy way to look your best.

If you are looking for the perfect Designer Jeans for Men, you are welcome to get your best selection at We have a great selection of from brands that are surely offer the best. You will find your best selection in no time.

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Donald Trump Neckties To Spruce Up Your Office Wardrobe

Men's Donald Trump Necktie Neck Tie 100% Silk Solid NavyMen's Donald Trump Necktie Neck Tie 100% Silk Ivory SolidThose who need to invest in formal wear of distinguished brands have surely heard of the Donald Trump neckties. When you are trying to make an impression in club or corporate wear, you need the right accessory to make a statement. Indeed, it is often difficult to wear shirts or trousers that are loud and unconventional in formal wear occasions However, what can help you stand apart are neckties.

Men's Donald Trump Signature Collection Necktie Neck Tie Black and SilverThe style and the design of the neckties you wear can help to create an indelible impression on your boss, your peers and colleagues and help you to make an official style statement. While there are several brands that offer neckties of different fashion brands, Donald Trump collection inspired by the multi millionaire entrepreneur offers unique and classic choices in necktie designs. You will surely love the silk ties that this brand has to offer and the self prints, solids and striped patterns among the different necktie collections. What you need is a store that offers a comprehensive array of choices from this brand.

Large collection of Donald Trump neckties

Men's Donald Trump Necktie Neck Tie 100% Silk Solid BlueTo make it easy for you, there are vast choices in design, style and material among the Donald Trump neckties. You can stock up on a variety of them and wear them every day to add a distinct and individual look to an otherwise staid and boring office wear. The usual collection of neckties from this brand offer several choices in monochromatic shades or in combination colors which come in solids or striped patterns. You could pick up neckties in solid colors like ivory, navy blue, pink or charcoal gray as well as in combination colors like black and silver.

Signature collection of Donald Trump neckties

Men's Donald Trump Signature Collection Necktie Neck Tie Pink SolidThe Signature collection of Donald Trump neckties offer several interesting designs such as solid blue or pink colors as well as stripes in purple, ivory and silver, red, black and ivory, black, purple and ivory and so forth. You could even opt for interesting prints such as the paisley printed neckties that make a great style statement and an interesting contrast with solid colored formal shirts.

Men's Donald Trump Signature Collection Necktie Neck Tie Blue and Silver PaisleyYou can view the entire collection of Donald Trump neckties and opt for as many as you want from This store has well stocked categories in men’s and women’s fashion clothing and accessories. You can rely on this store to offer you bargain prices and super fast deliver service on Donald Trump neckties.

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Designer Handbags for Women

Women's Guess Purse Handbag Key West StoneWomen's The SAK Purse Handbag Pax Leather PortobelloThe Designer Handbags for Women fashion since its inception within the human civilization has been one of the biggest phenomenon that always managed to leave the world awestruck. Many a times, it has been a binding factor and also a point to set people apart. Straight from garments to footwear to accessories all have a special place of regard and appreciation among both men and women? There have been innumerable witnesses who have seen the rise and fall of many designers aiming to add their distinctive style and outlook to this unbiased world. In today’s times, it’s not just the dress or the shoes but also the accessories teamed up with them matter. For women handbags being one such important addition.

Women's Guess Purse Handbag Engagement Tote CoralWomen take pride in flaunting their Designer handbags like Chanel and Louis Vuitton with their very first step out of their house. During one such conversation with a group of friends I gathered, most women who own a designer handbag have the feeling of being socially elite and highly confident. Carrying Designer Handbags for Women makes them fit among the high fashionistas with much more ease and aplomb. But even among the designer each has a special and distinctive reason to be ones favorite. Some like the easy to handle styled handbags by Prada, while some like the jazz in the handbags made by Gucci. Divided they may be in their liking for designers but their love for designer handbags is unequivocal.

Women's Guess Purse Handbag Niagra Falls TaupeFew days ago in the Cosmopolitan Magazine there was a survey where women rated a good designer handbag is a must have accessory while going out for any occasion. They have their design and size preference for every occasion. Like a Guess clutch would be perfect while going out for an evening, similarly a Calvin Klein sling can be highly suitable escort while going to the office. There are even instances when women are ready to pay disbelievingly large amounts just to own a Hermes Birkin bag which they may reserve for those special outings.

Women's Guess Purse Handbag Bambi Logo RubyIt is an undoubted fact that most women accessories are aimed to impress other women. The awe and astonishment that a designer handbag, carried by women, arouses in her friends and colleagues leaves her absolutely thrilled and craving for more. If at any point a women’s favorite handbag becomes a talk of the town, it sends her into a spin of delight and provides her with an extreme sense of euphoria.

Interestingly experts have also noted that women may buy designer handbags to protect their relationships It may seem absolutely irrational that Americans spend over 250$ to buy over 3 handbags per year. Nevertheless designer accessories and handbags have always served as an ego booster for the women.

Women today across the globe are ferociously investing in better and better designer handbags. Designer handbags for women no doubt have become a craze but till they help women in getting positively motivated and stay happy they will always be an article worth to invest into.

Women's Guess Purse Handbag Alize BlackIf you are looking for the perfect Designer handbags for women, you are welcome to get your best selection at We have a great selection of from brands that are surely offer the best. You will find your best selection in no time.

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Ed Hardy Hats for Men

Men's Ed Hardy Hat Baseball Cap Chocolate Brown Skull in LoveMen's Ed Hardy Hat Baseball Cap Golden Rose RedThis is another area of clothing where Ed Hardy has found much success. Ed Hardy hats for men are particularly beautiful; as the colors and grossly ethereal’ work of this famous artist comes to life. Ed Hardy hats for men usually come in two designs, baseball caps and winter hats.

Ed Hardy hats may be the closest we may come to putting an item of equal grandeur as ancient crowns on the shelves for the masses. For teenagers, this hat is more than simple apparel or a fashion statement; it is a symbol that identifies them with the cool crowd and away from the weirdos.


Men's Ed Hardy Hat Baseball Cap Argyle Skull and Serpent BrownEd Hardy hats for men feature fashion on the edge designs incorporating stitches, stones, colors and other materials. But the most outstanding feature of these hats is the intricate details of the designs on them.

Ed Hardy artworks usually portray roses, skulls, animal forms and sometimes completely abstract forms. According to one design expert, Ed Hardy hats for men have met much success because the shape of a typical hat makes it an ideal surface for an artwork to be mounted. Ed Hardy’s drawings are also quite eye grabbing; especially when supported with the wild colors the designers usually use The combination of these two factors makes Ed Hardy hats for men one of the most noteworthy brands in the market.


Like other apparels from this designer, all Ed Hardy hats for men are made from top quality materials. This not only guarantees the durability of the product, but also ensures that you get a hat worth every penny you spend.

The intricate detail on a typical Ed Hardy hat is a testament to the quality of this product. Go with an Ed Hardy hat if you want to look casual and stylish at the same time.


Men's Ed Hardy Hat Baseball Cap Golden Rose RedEd Hardy hats for men come in all types of colors and sizes (from wild pink to dull brown) and features an expansive scope of designs (from the bizarre to the commonplace. You’re sure to find a perfect fit irrespective of your age, personal style and any other particular preferences.

Whether you want to compliment your appearance, protect your hair and eyes or simply appear different, an Ed Hardy hat is the best way to go.

Men's Ed Hardy Hat Cap Light Blue New York CityThe general style of Ed Hardy hats for men has been aptly described as the epitome of style and simplicity. Choose Ed Hardy and enjoy the combination of the best works of one of the world’s best fashion designers and one of the world’s best tattoo artists

Get an Ed Hardy hat for men and take your appearance to a whole new dimension.

If you are looking for the perfect Ed Hardy Hats for Men, you are welcome to rab your best selection at where a good number of selections make it a good deal to shop online.

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